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Help needed!

OpenEMR is in need of funding for new development efforts that will benefit outpatient and inpatient users alike. Features include hybrid inpatient/outpatient support, advanced billing, Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) integration, modern cloud offerings, ability to perform quality reporting, low-cost medical devices connectivity, and other commonly requested solutions. Our vibrant community is dedicated to responding to user needs and setting our priorities to be consistent with the requests of our colleagues abroad. Please consider sending a gift today.

The OpenEMR Documentation Wiki

OpenEMR is a Free and Open Source electronic health records and medical practice management application. It features fully integrated electronic health records, practice management, scheduling, electronic billing, internationalization, free support, a vibrant community, and a whole lot more. It can run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and many other platforms.

Current ONC Certification

  • Disclaimer: This Health IT Module is compliant with the ONC Certification Criteria for Health IT and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Developer Name: OpenEMR Foundation
  • Product Name: OpenEMR
  • Version: 7.0
  • Certification number:
  • Certification date: July 8, 2022
  • Criteria certified: 170.315(a)(1), 170.315(a)(2), 170.315(a)(5), 170.315(a)(9), 170.315(a)(12), 170.315(a)(14), 170.315(b)(1), 170.315(b)(10), 170.315(c)(1), 170.315(c)(2), 170.315(c)(3), 170.315(d)(1), 170.315(d)(2), 170.315(d)(3), 170.315(d)(4), 170.315(d)(5), 170.315(d)(6), 170.315(d)(7), 170.315(d)(8), 170.315(d)(9), 170.315(d)(12), 170.315(d)(13), 170.315(e)(3), 170.315(g)(2), 170.315(g)(3), 170.315(g)(4), 170.315(g)(5), 170.315(g)(6), 170.315(g)(7), 170.315(g)(9), 170.315(g)(10), 170.315(h)(1).
  • CQMs certified: CMS22, CMS69, CMS122, CMS124, CMS125, CMS127, CMS130, CMS138, CMS147, CMS165.
  • Additional Software: EMR Direct Interoperability Engine 2017 (for criteria 170.315(b)(1) and 170.315(h)(1)) and AccessGUDID Version 2 (for criteria 170.315(a)(14)).
  • This is free software except for the following exception. There is one third party services which is required to be used with this software to fulfill ONC certification compliance, which is the EMR Direct phimail service (approximate pricing is $300 setup fee and $150 yearly per provider).
  • Go to CHPL link
  • View Certificate
  • Real World Testing
  • Summary of ONC Certification:

2014 ONC Ambulatory EHR Certification - retired

Please note that 2014 ONC Certification has been retired and is no longer valid.
See here for the work it took to obtain 2014 ONC Ambulatory Complete EHR Certification: Certification Stage II Project Page

2011 ONC Ambulatory EHR Certification - retired

Please note that 2011 ONC Certification has been retired and is no longer valid.
See this page if interested in how certification was achieved: Certification Project Archive


  • OpenEMR Support Guide: Guide for users on how to take the most advantage of free and professional support for OpenEMR.
  • Professional Support: The OpenEMR project has a large number of vendors and individuals who offer their services supporting, installing, hosting and customizing OpenEMR.
  • DIY Implementation of OpenEMR: A do-it-yourself guide with encouragements.


Official Demos

Development Demos


Installation Manuals

Security / Hardening

Operating System

Web Server

Cloud Security

OpenEMR Security

Codebase Security

Upgrade Manuals

User Manuals




Real World Testing


  • ACL
  • Apps
  • Backup
Lest you rue the day.
Take note of this Forum thread.
  • Billing
  • 837P
  • Brute Force Login Prevention
  • Clinical Decision Rules
  • Coding
  • Communication
  • Data Import
  • Diagnostic Studies
Step wise explanation of how to configure Procedures:
  • Documents
  • Efficiency Tools
  • Forms
  • Layout Based Visit Forms.
  • Illustration
  • Meaningful Use
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Navigation
  • Practice Setup
  • Prescription
  • Reports
  • Scheduling

Configuration Manuals




Release History

Version Release Date Milestones
1.0 June, 2001 Released as MP Pro (MedicalPractice Professional)
1.3 July 5, 2002 HIPAA, Released as OpenEMR under GPL
2.0.0 June 30, 2003
2.5.2 March 25, 2004 Support for Health Level 7 (HL7)
2.7.2 June 1, 2005 Calendar overhaul, added access controls, code moved to SourceForge
2.8.0 November 11, 2005 Support for UB-92
2.8.1 February 24, 2006 Language translation support
2.8.2 January 14, 2007 Computer Aided Medical Ordering System (CAMOS) module, PHP5/MySQL5 Compatible
2.8.3 October 4, 2007 Support for HCFA 1500
2.9.0 August 7, 2008 Customizable layouts
3.0.1 April 8, 2009 Fully integrated phpGACL (PHP Generic Access Control Lists), Internationalization and localization efforts started
3.1.0 August 28, 2009 Full support for UTF-8
3.2.0 February 16, 2010 Layout based form builder module
4.0.0 March 26, 2011 2011 ONC Modular Ambulatory EHR certification, Code repository changed from cvs to git
4.1.0 September 23, 2011 2011 ONC Complete Ambulatory EHR certification
4.1.1 August 31, 2012 Support for ICD-10, translated into 19 languages
4.1.2 August 17, 2013 Interoperability
4.2.0 December 28, 2014 2014 ONC Modular Ambulatory EHR Certification, Translated into 26 languages
4.2.1 March 25, 2016 2014 ONC Modular Ambulatory EHR Certification, Translated into 30 languages
4.2.2 May 19, 2016 2014 ONC Modular Ambulatory EHR Certification, PHP7 Compatible
5.0.0 February 15, 2017 2014 ONC Complete Ambulatory EHR Certification, Code repository migrated to github
5.0.1 April 23, 2018 2014 ONC Complete Ambulatory EHR Certification, PHP7.2 Compatible, Translated into 34 languages
5.0.2 August 4, 2019 2014 ONC Complete Ambulatory EHR Certification, Translated into 34 languages
6.0.0 January 5, 2021 API, FHIR, SMART on FHIR, OAuth2, OIDC, PHP8.0 Compatible
6.0.0 Patch 1 March 14, 2021 WENO Exchange ePrescribing

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine
Various fixes inc. security fixes
(See full summary of these and other changes)

6.0.0 Patch 2 June 16, 2021 GAD-7 questionnaire

Patient portal improvements (#4221)
Messaging improvement (#4306)
Various fixes inc. security fixes
(See full summary of changes)
(See detailed list of all commits)

6.0.0 Patch 3 October 20, 2021 Support for fully integrated Telehealth Modules

Patient portal improvements
Various fixes inc. security fixes
(See full summary of these and other changes)

6.0.0 Patch 4 February 20, 2022 Patient portal revamped - user interface improvement; patient form improvement; patient document template forms support template profiles and patient groups

Critical security fixes
(See full summary of these and other changes)

6.1.0 March 22, 2022 (See full summary of changes)
6.1.0 Patch 1 April 24, 2022 (See full summary of changes)
7.0.0 July 19, 2022 (See full summary of changes)
7.0.0 Patch 1 August 7, 2022 (See full summary of changes)
7.0.0 Patch 2 November 30, 2022 (See full summary of changes)
7.0.1 April 26, 2023 (See full summary of changes)
7.0.1 Patch 1 May 30, 2023 (See full summary of changes)
7.0.2 November 15, 2023 (See full summary of changes)

Developer Manuals


Quality Management System





Modules and Modular Interfaces

Development Guides

Embedded Components

  • ADODB: ADOdb Database Abstraction Library for PHP.
  • Composer and NPM: Mechanisms to standardize libraries and assets that are used by OpenEMR; and lots of other cool stuff.
  • FancyBox: hover-over iframes, used in the user interface. (Note this component was removed in OpenEMR 5.0.1 and later)
  • Gritter: pop-up bubbles, for notifications.
  • html2pdf: OpenEMR's embedded html2pdf.
  • Jquery: a javascript toolkit, that makes writing javascript easier.
  • Open Flash Chart: Embedded javascript flash graphing for for graphing vitals other numeric data in forms. (Note this component was removed in OpenEMR 5.0.0 and later)
  • PDF: pdf libraries/packages in OpenEMR
  • PhpGacl: OpenEMR's embedded php-GACL (access controls).
  • PhpMyAdmin: OpenEMR's embedded phpMyAdmin (database administration tool). (requires PHP 5.5+) (Note this component was removed in OpenEMR 5.0.1 and later)
  • Postnuke Calendar.
  • Smarty
  • Zend (requires PHP 5.6.0+)

File Formats Used


  • Codebase Security: Assessment, plan, and tracking of project progress to globally secure the codebase.
  • Securing OpenEMR: Advice from the community on how to secure an OpenEMR instance.

Release Process

Package Development

Project Tools


  • How to Document Code: A guide for developers to document their code properly.
  • PhpXref: For those of you familiar with PhpXref, here is a parsed copy of 4.0.0. It needs more documentation.

Virtual Appliances




  • General Troubleshooting -- general problems people have experienced with OpenEMR, and (hopefully) their solutions.
  • Common Installation Problems -- problems people have experienced installing OpenEMR, and (hopefully) their solutions.
  • Take advantage of the free community support. If you have a question to ask?

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Not only for beginners.

OpenEMR Articles and Presentations



Videos and Presentations

  • WONCA SAR Conference: Kathmandu, Nepal (2017)
  • "Improving Outpatient and Inpatient Care with the OpenEMR Platform" By Matthew Vita and Dr. Andre Millet
  • Video
  • Saturday, November 25th
  • National Doctors of Nursing Practice Conference: New Orleans (2017)
  • "Customizing an Open Source Electronic Health Record System" By Dr. Joyce Boyd.
  • Abstract
  • Thursday, September 14th at 1:00 pm in the Poydras Room.
  • VADNP (Virginia Association of DNPs) Conference (2017)
  • "Customizing an Open Source Electronic Health Record System" By Dr. Joyce Boyd.
  • Poster
  • Poster was presented on June 16, 2017.
  • Awards: Poster was awarded second place.
  • Linux Action Show (2017).
  • "Taking Linux to Heart": Discussion of a OpenEMR use case in a cardiology practice.
  • Starts at 30:55 in the following video:
  • POSSCON Presentation (2013).
  • Implementation of OpenEMR in a Paper Primary Care Office By Diane Petersen and Dr. Samuel Bowen.
  • Portland Linux/Unix Group Presentation (2013).
  • OpenEMR Implementation By Diane Petersen.
  • Libre Software Meeting (2012).
  • OpenEMR, a multi-language free open source electronic health record for international use By Dr. Samuel Bowen.
  • Ohio LinuxFest Presentation (2011).
  • Taking OpenEMR to Meaningful Use Certification and Beyond By Dr Samuel Bowen.
  • Portland Linux/Unix Group Presentation (2011).
  • Introduction to OpenEMR By Tony McCormick.
  • POSSCON Presentation (2011).
  • The Development & Growth of the OpenEMR Project By Dr Samuel Bowen and Tony McCormick.
  • OSCON Presentation (2010).
  • Taking OpenEMR, a GPL EMR to ARRA Meaningful Use Certification and beyond Presentation By Dr Samuel Bowen and Tony McCormick.
  • Related Blog Posts:

Ongoing Projects

  • General Marketing of OpenEMR: General articles describing the OpenEMR project and discussing features of OpenEMR.
  • Open Source EMRs are Better: Articles to convince users why open source emrs are better than proprietary emrs by 1) defining open source software, 2) describing why open source EMR's are better than proprietary EMR's, 3) describing how to find a vendor/support and 4) showing examples of OpenEMR working in practices.
  • Success Stories: Clinic success stories are here.

Student Projects


  • Conference Calls.
  • Once weekly conference call that is open to public.
  • Once monthly OpenEMR Development Lecture Series that is open to the public.
  • Once monthly OpenEMR Foundation board meeting that is open to the public.
  • IRC Discussions.
  • Considering a weekly IRC discussion time at #openemr.


  • Health Information and the Law a project of the George Washington University’s Hirsh Health Law and Policy Program, developed with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is designed to serve as a practical online resource to federal and state laws governing access, use, release, and publication of health information.


Organizations Supporting OpenEMR

Wiki Instructions

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.