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OpenEMR Project Roadmap


This core roadmap addresses new development efforts that will benefit outpatient and inpatient users alike. Roadmap items include hybrid inpatient/outpatient support, advanced billing, Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) integration, modern cloud offerings, ability to perform quality reporting, low-cost medical devices connectivity, and more. This mixture of user-facing and "under the hood" technology enhancements have been identified as important by our users. By working together on one well-defined roadmap, our community and platform will continue shining around the globe.
OEMR (non-profit backer of OpenEMR) and our vibrant community is dedicated to responding to user needs and setting our priorities to be consistent with the requests of our colleagues abroad. Regardless of if you or a clinician, developer, documenter, tester, or translator, you are essential in the successful execution of this roadmap.

Core Features

These projects make up the roadmap and can be worked on independently. Requirements and tasks management can be found by visiting each forum link, which can be thought of as the "top of the tree" that links tasks, people, chat boards, resources, and relevant code branches.
Affordable Medical Devices Connectivity
Units Support
Team Tasks Management
* DONE - Advanced Billing
Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Integration
Modern Cloud Solutions
Quality Reporting
Realistic Test Data Generation
Clinical Intelligence Dashboards
Intelligent Chart Summarization
Normalized Code Directory Structure
Separation of Business Logic Code
Module Framework
Frontend User Interface Rework
Telemedicine Support
Speech Dictation Documentation
Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)
Medical Administration Record
Remote Patient Vitals Module

(Upon project completion, simply note (DONE) at the front of the entry)

Something Missing?

At the 6/8/2016 OEMR organization board meeting, it was decided to create a Roadmap Committee to begin looking at pursuing community driven roadmaps. There are 2 separate entities, the OpenEMR Project and the OEMR organization, which have separate roadmaps. However, since the main goal of the OEMR organization is to support the OpenEMR project, it makes sense to develop roadmaps for both of them in unison. If you feel something is missing from this roadmap, please contact the committee. If it is deemed "mission critical" (such as the existing items), it will be added. If it not "mission critical", it will be added to Active Projects & Projects Needing Developers listing.

OEMR Organization Roadmap


Below is just a possible starting point.

Maintain organization

  1. Ensure maintain non-profit status.
  2. Ensure up to date on taxes.
  3. Ensure adequate number of board meetings which are attended by adequate number of board members to ensure business and motions are completed in a timely fashion.
  4. Ensure all meetings, business by the board, and the organization accounting are transparent and can be followed easily by the public.
  5. Ensure ongoing organization budget.

MU2 certification and infrastructure

MU3 certification and infrastructure


  1. Donations.
    • Users.
      • Implement registration for OpenEMR users.
    • Vendors/companies.
    • Public.
  2. Grants.
  3. Crowdsourcing.
  4. Other Opportunities.


  1. OEMR organization Logo.
  2. OEMR organization Website.

Support OpenEMR Project

  1. Support the OpenEMR roadmap(via funding etc.).
  2. Champion the OpenEMR project.
  3. Support OpenEMR project autonomy.

Forums threads

Roadmap Committee