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Installation of OpenEMR will require a number of distinct steps that often trip up the user in a hosted environment.

OpenEMR Location

  • Open File Manager in cPanel.
  • Select your domain's document root. Make sure you are in your domain's public_html folder.

MySQL Creation

  • You have to set up your database. Go back to your cPanel -> select Database Wizard.
  • Database Creation Tutorial.
  • The user you create must have all privileges.

  • Write down the credentials for use in Step 2 of the OpenEMR setup.
  • Be certain the collation of your tables matches that in the most current Demo. Guide for changing the collation. Mismatch of collations is a very common setup error.

OpenEMR Setup

  • There will be a series of entries which are very different from a localhost installation.
  • With a number of notable exceptions, as explained below; the installation steps are similar to that for the Linux Installation Guide.
  • Download the OpenEMR zipped file from the Downloads section of the Wiki and unzip to the public_html folder.
  • Point your browser to to start the installation.
  • In Step 1, select second option, "I have already created the database".

  • In Step 2 carefully complete the MySQL Server section.
  • The Server Host is not localhost, but the IP address of the server running MySQL.
  • Enter the Database Name, Login Name (Database Username) and Password from MySQL Creation above.
  • The User Hostname is not localhost, but the IP address of the server running Apache/PHP.
  • Incorrect entries will mean an installation failure.
  • Supply a password for Initial User in the OpenEMR User section.


  • Complete the setup according to the Linux Installation Guide.

Article courtesy of Jeyasithar of the OpenEMR Forums.