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Place to keep track of ongoing appliance development and contributions.


  • Install the full vim with 'sudo apt-get install vim' for future versions since the vim included does not do syntax coloring.
  • Migrate to Ubuntu 12.04
  • Update php settings (magic_quotes off and maybe turning off short_tags etc.)
  • Increase the max_input_vars (new to php 5.3.9) setting to 3000.


DONE - Added all below contributions.

  • Plan to do a 'sudo aptitude update' and a 'sudo aptitude upgrade' when upgrading the appliance.
  • 'sudo aptitude update' in several places within manual (see HERE) (contributor:Andrew_Dyer)
  • New backup script (see HERE) (contributor:Andrew_Dyer)
  • New Login page (see HERE) (contributor:Andrew_Dyer)