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Ongoing work in 4.1.3 version

  • Need to get things to work with Zend:
  1. Writable interface/modules/zend_modules/config/application.config.php file
  2. Set up apache. See this thread for details:

Ongoing work in 4.1.2 version

  • Current am working on packaging 4.1.2 patch 5 with help from the Debian Med mailing list. Top issues that we have are:
    • Filesystem of package is not compliant with Debian and would need to be modified to comply with:
/etc/openemr - Conf files Apache2, MySQL, PHP5
/usr/sbin - Scripts to help secure/configure application after install (PHPMyAdmin has pma-secure, pma-configure)
/usr/share/openemr - PHP script code (non-writtable per FHS standard)
/usr/share/doc/openemr - Generated code documentation (I don't think we have any)
/usr/share/doc-base/openemr - Doc-base doc
/usr/share/man/man8 - Man page (PHPMyAdmin places there's in man8 and seems reasonable)
/var/lib/openemr - Writtable dirs/files

Current issues:

  1. Our code is currently held under /var/www
  2. Our configuration is almost exclusively held in some directory underneath /var/www well.
  3. globals.php is the typical file that holds all the PATHs and other variables that most other scripts rely on to orient themselves on the system. To be Debian compliant there will most likely need to be some modifications.
  4. We include several tools that are already packaged with Debian (phpGACL, phpmyadmin) and these should be removed and required dependencies if we want to include them


  1. Create Alioth Account for Debian and confirm that have ssh to Alioth for git repo, etc.
  2. Create dummy package with openemr-4.1.2 so that we can start reworking things.
  3. With upstream tar ball start patching globals.php such that it might actually conform to the above structure using quilt
  4. Try to figure out what 'build' system PHPMyAdmin source uses since they package ok with debhelper tools (is it Makefile, etc) - No build system just a complicated rules and install file, will need to replicate/change for our project.