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On 6/28/14, code requiring the Zend library was incorporated into the OpenEMR codebase. This was brought in by ZH Healthcare for a Module feature which is a large part of the Meaningful Use 2 project.

Codebase Import

On 2/13/16 (for OpenEMR version 4.3.1), upgraded the embedded Zend 2 library to version 2.4.9 (this was necessary to support PHP7):
On 6/28/14, imported the following commits (in chronologic order):

Configuring Zend


Need to use php version 5.3.3 or greater.

  • (Note that if we upgrade Zend to 2.5.0 or greater in future(which is likely at some point), then will need php 5.5+)


This section is to document best way to configure Zend with apache. It appears following two things need to be completed in apache for zend stuff to work:

  • enable "rewrite" mod in apache
  • allow "AllowOverride" in apache
    • There are some security considerations here(this allows use of .htaccess files). Ideally would have following set up:
      • Apache's main config file would turn this off.
      • Turn this on in OpenEMR directory
      • Turn this off in the OpenEMR directories that allow uploaded files (such as sites/default/documents)
    • Need to test above setup and if works, then need to place in the setup.php instructions and also set up for the ubuntu/mint/debian package.

Above is discussed on the following threads:


  • Document how to get Zend configured for all OS's (see above "Configuring Zend" section for details).

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