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Clinics, which don't bill insurance and have laboratory and dispensary services under one roof, will find this module helpful to enter charges and collect fees from one central location. It becomes superfluous to access the Fee Sheet, Billing Module or the Billing View of Past Encounters and Documents.



Service and diagnosis codes can be added manually to Administration/Codes. Remember to include the fees to the service codes.

For the purpose of illustration, CPT codes will be used for services and ICD-9 codes for diagnoses, but the user is free to use other code types.

Code Types will tell you how to import the codes into your local machine & how to set up other code types of your preference.

Demographics and Encounters

Patient demographic information is entered in the usual fashion. An encounter is necessary for the Charges Panel to function. The encounter is generated as usual.


The Charges Panel will be activated by going to Administration/Globals/Appearance, checking Use Charges Panel and clicking Save.


The Module is a triptych; wherein the left side panel contains Coding and Prescriptions; the central panel is the "Activity" panel and the right side panel is the Billing panel. From this triptych, charges can be entered, drugs can be dispensed, fees collected and receipts generated without leaving the Module. Bijou, n'est pas?

Patient Flow

The best way to demonstrate the features of this nifty Module is follow a fictitious patient as he circulates through the equally non-existent Sanitas Clinic in Utopia.


Mr. Wilberforce Nemo is a new patient to Sanitas Clinic. He arrives at Reception and gives the nice young lady, Miss Wisteria, all the pertinent information. A new account and new encounter are created for him.

He pays the 10 dinars as Registration Fee and is told that at the end of his visit, a receipt will be issued to him.

Staff goes to Fee/Charges to enter the Registration Fee charge and record the payment. Nemo1.PNG N1.PNG

He is asked to proceed to the Consultancy.


At the Consultancy, Mr. Nemo is asked by staff the reason for his visit. Mr. Nemo says that he has had Polyuria and Polydipsia for the past 3 months with weight loss and fatigue.

Staff determines that Mr. Nemo will require a Comprehensive Exam, collects the 75 dinars Consultation Fee and asks that he take a seat.

Staff looks up the code for the consultation and enters the payment. N2.PNG

Dr. Welby takes a detailed history and performs a thorough exam. He tells Mr. Nemo that the likely diagnosis is Adult Onset Diabetes Mellitus.

Staff directs the patient to the Laboratories for bloodwork.


Staff draws a vial of blood for Hemoglobin A1C and documents the charge and the fee of 10 dinars collected from the patient. N3.PNG

The patient is asked to take a stroll in the gardens to await the result of the test and to return to the Consultancy in 30 minutes.


Dr. Welby tells Mr. Nemo that the diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus has been confirmed by a 9.2 for the Hemoglobin A1C. He tells the patient that he should proceed to the Dispensary for Metformin and a Glucometer.

The nurse instructs Mr. Nemo how to take the Metformin, how to use the Glucometer and how best to adhere to the ADA diet. Nurse Hildegard is very methodical in her explanation. Mr. Wilberforce Nemo is apprehensive about the diagnosis but when Nurse Hildegard reassures him that he will live a productive life with proper Diabetic care, he sighs in relief. Mr. Nemo heard that Diabetes could cause blindness.

Staff gives him a followup appointment and then directs Mr. Nemo to the Dispensary.


Staff in the adjacent area to the Dispensary sees the order for Metformin and the Glucometer on their laptops, enters the charges for both. Mr. Nemo pays the additional 25 dinars. N4.PNG

Staff justifies the charges with a diagnosis code, prints the receipt and gives the receipt to the patient. N5a.PNG N5b.PNG N6.PNG N7.PNG

Staff is quite pleased that the Fee Sheet and the Billing View of Past Encounters and Documents were automatically generated. N8.PNG N9.PNG N12a.PNG

The Pharmacist dispenses the 2 items. N10.PNG N11.PNG

Staff thanks Mr. Nemo for entrusting his care to Sanitas Clinic and bids him goodbye.


Mr. Wilberforce Nemo is happy that the trip to Sanitas Clinic took only 6 hours, 4 of which involved traveling to and fro. Although 120 dinars is quite a hefty sum for a farmer, Mr. Nemo thinks it is money well spent because he will have more energy to tend to his animals. It is still daylight. Mr. Nemo gathers his 2 cows and 3 goats from pasture as the sun begins to set.