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A place for sharing contributed tools related to OpenEMR.


Data Generator

Slick data generator for random patients, demographics, insurance companies, and assigning insurance companies to patients created by Art Eaton to run on Windows.
  • Download :
  • Discussion on this tool in the OEMR Organization Forum is no longer available with the removal of that forum.
  • Installation instructions:
  1. Extract .zip file to any location.
  2. Answer 3 questions about number of patients, number of X12 partners and pid for generation.
  3. Import the demopatients.sql file via phpMyAdmin into test copy.

ERA Distillery

This program is for stripping line returns out of ERA files. Created by Art Eaton to run on Windows.
  • Download :
  • Instructions : Unzip and put the contents (ERAstill.exe and two directories INBOX and OUTBOX) in whatever location you like. Place ERAs or any other text files to be processed into the INBOX directory. Run the program, hit "Process files". You will find your new versions of the files in your OUTBOX directory. Use the HELP button for viewing more explicit instructions at any time. Use the esc key or simply close the program window at any time to exit.
  • Discussion on this tool can no longer be found in the OEMR Forum because the forum has been taken offline.

LBV Form Import/Export Utility

This is a .php file courtesy of MD Support. Be certain to backup before installation and use.
  • Contributor's description with download from attachment.

Text 2 Codes - Billing Tool

Extracts medical phrases and terms from natural language documents
Annotates CPT and ICD-10 Diagnosis and Procedure codes on free text
Physician fees & codes are calculated for your specific location
Helps you code quickly and accurately the medical billing codes