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  • OpenEMR 4.1 Users Guide:

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Getting Started

OpenEMR Tutorial - Getting Started

Setting up your clinic

OpenEMR Tutorial - Setting up your clinic (part 1)
OpenEMR Tutorial - Setting up your clinic (part 2)

Adding a new patient

OpenEMR Tutorial - Adding a new patient

Using your calendar

OpenEMR Tutorial - Using your calendar

Documenting a visit/encounter

OpenEMR Tutorial - Documenting a visit/encounter

Issues, Problems & Immunizations

Openemr Tutorial - Issues, Problems & Immunizations

Billing and Claim Generation

OpenEMR Tutorial - Billing and Claim Generation

EOBs, Payments & Accounts Receivables

Openemr Tutorial - EOBs, Payments & Accounts Receivables

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Plan to post questions here that are frequently asked on the forums for OpenEMR version 4.1.
How do I get E-Prescribing working?
  • There are currently two known options for ePrescribing in OpenEMR. Newcrop costs money, but is well integrated into OpenEMR. The free version of Allscripts isn't as well integrated. See OpenEMR ePrescribe wiki page for more details.
How do I get electronic lab results working?
How do I go about getting Meaningful Use now?
How do I fix the calendar viewing screen layout problems?
Why is the Patient Summary screen so slow to load up?


  • Meaningful Use Certification itself involved numerous individuals, companies and the OEMR organization. Detailed acknowledgments for this monumental feat can be found on the first post in this sourceforge forum.