OpenEMR 7.0.2 API

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OpenEMR API documentation for both FHIR API and Standard API.


  • FHIR API Documentation for 7.0.2
  • Click Here for instructions on using Swagger, which is included in OpenEMR, to see full documentation of endpoints and testing support.
  • Online links to Swagger based documentation can be found at 7.0.2 Demo.
  • Videos that overview OpenEMR's FHIR API:
  • Specific instructions for a Clinical Summary of Care Document (CCD) request:

Standard API

Terms of use

Service Base URLs


This section is required for ONC certification. The 'Production Endpoints lists the FHIR Base URLs (ie. service base URLs) of the OpenEMR installations that are utilizing the ONC certification.

Production Endpoints

Organization Name FHIR Base URL
Desired Help Providers
Synergy Infoconnect

Testing Endpoints

Organization Name FHIR Base URL
OpenEMR Foundation (testing endpoint 1)
OpenEMR Foundation (testing endpoint 2)
OpenEMR Foundation (testing endpoint 3)