OpenEMR Medical Image Viewer

A team of software engineers within our community recently built the first major medical imaging feature into the system. Given a DICOM file in a patient chart, users can now utilize an easy-to-use medical image visualizer.

By using a capable open-source, web-based DICOM image viewer, OpenEMR provides clinicians a quick, secure, and robust view into patient images with windowing, panning, zooming, and filtering support. The underlying technology is based on the DICOM Web Viewer (DWV) open-source project led by Yves Martelli, a software engineer and medical imaging expert. “I’m happy to be helping out other open projects in the healthcare space,” Martelli noted. “Working with and supporting the OpenEMR team during this development has been a positive experience, I hope it brings visibility to the potential of the technique.”

“With this release, we are taking the first steps in addressing the gap between imaging systems and the EMR experience,” stated Victor Kofia, an OpenEMR volunteer and software engineer.

With an ultimate focus on a complete Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) integration, the team wishes to reduce burden on data clerks in manually transferring DICOM files from system to system. “Our medical imaging roadmap is very ambitious, but we have an exceptional team to tackle these big problems. We’re releasing features in a gradual approach and our users will soon enjoy a solution to fully automate imaging workflows,” said Matthew Vita, an OpenEMR project administrator and software engineer.

The complete team behind this work was Victor Kofia and Jerry Padgett (engineering), Matthew Vita (project management), Dr. Andre Millet and Dr. Brady Miller (clinical advising), Asher Densmore-Lynn (architecture research), and Yves Martelli (DWV engineering support).

The OpenEMR community is not responsible for diagnostic use certification. Interested parties are instructed to understand their local regulations.