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This page is for easing the sponsorship of projects. It will serve two uses:
  1. For vendors/professionals to request sponsorship of specific projects.
  2. For users to request bids on projects.
(Only vendors/professionals that are Certified OpenEMR Contributors can post projects and bids on this page.)

Project proposals by vendors/professionals

Crowd Source Funding for CQM/AMC

See the following project page for details on project and how to fund:

In may opinion, we can setup a Facebook group for this purpose. It is easy, fast and might prove very useful for the community. Sergio Samoilovich.

Bid Requests by Users

Example (Multi-page paper claims)

Please provide bids for adding the ability to bill more than service 4 codes on the HCFA forms (ie. automatically create more than 1 page when printing out billing, since it now basically breaks if there are more than 4 service codes).

Example Bid

Can do for this much. Bradymiller 08:29, 8 November 2012 (UTC)