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Add Red Notification to Patient Billing Widget

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Add Red Notification to Patient Billing Widget


A bright red notification can be useful to have in a patient's billing widget. It is easy to place one there.


1. Start at the patient's summary screen:

2. Open the Demographics widget and enter the word "Billing" in the second to last user defined space (blue oval below).

3. Enter the desired message in the last (red oval).


4. Click 'Save' button (red rectangle above) and return to summary screen.



  • The message itself may be modified ad lib as long as it stays in the last User Defined text area.
  • If the word 'Billing' in the 2nd to last area is removed, it will cancel the billing note; re- enter the word and the note will be restored.
  • Only the last text area is capable of holding this note
  • Maximum note length is 63 characters including spaces.