OpenEMR Patient Statement Printing and Configuration Howtos

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Printing Patient statements in version 3.0.x and earlier requires some manual changes to the script located in openemr installation at custom/ This includes specifying the command for printing in $STMT_PRINT_CMD. See the comments in that file for more information. This will only work for LINUX installations

The script is a template for printing patient statements and collection letters. You must customize it to suit your practice. If your needs are simple then you do not need programming experience to do this - just read the comments and make appropriate substitutions. All you really need to do is replace the strings in brackets.

Now to actually print statements follow the Help on the Billing - EOB link and select the patients that you need to send statement too.
The EOB data entry screen 3.0.1 has a button that says: Print Selected Statements and a check box for Without Update Selecting any number of "invoices" and clicking this button presents a dialog box that says: Now Printing ## statements and updating encounters - OK Clicking the OK button should print the statments to the printer queue you designated above.