Graphic pain map

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Graphic representation Form to indicate severity and place of pain complaints. Changing the image is optional and differentiation for specialty images is possible. Related Forum discussion.

README txt: The painmap form will use the image named 'painmap.png'. It is currently a copy of 'body-map-male-n-female.png

Other supplied png-files are: - body-map-female.png - podiatry-feet.png

Copy any PNG image you prefer in it's place prior to entering actual form data as the XY coordinates will not align correctly after with the make of an old replaced image.

The image should be no more than 600 pixels wide to fit nicely on the encounter page.

Provided Images taken and modified from and (Be carefull not to use any copyright images!)

Moderate difficulty to include this Form into OpenEMR. Changing the images and *.php file referrals might need some Developer skills.

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Picture of initial pain registration: PainMapInitial.png

Picture of result after registration: After registration of pain.png