What is OpenEMR?

OpenEMR is the most popular open source electronic health records and medical practice management solution. It is maintained by a vibrant community of volunteers and support professionals. The system is a Complete EHR, downloaded more than 5,000 times per month, and has an estimated usage by 100,000 medical providers across many borders and languages. As a leader in open-source healthcare software, OpenEMR provides an unparallelled and fully customizable experience for your healthcare facility.

In the US, it has been estimated that there are more than 5,000 installations of OpenEMR in physician offices and other small healthcare facilities serving more than 30 million patients. Internationally, it has been estimated that OpenEMR is installed in over 15,000 healthcare facilities, translating into more than 45,000 practitioners using the system which are serving greater than 90 million patients. The Peace Corps plan to incorporate OpenEMR into their EHR system. Siaya District Hospital, a 220-bed hospital in rural Kenya, is using OpenEMR. HP India is planning to utilize OpenEMR for their Mobile Health Centre Project. There are also articles describing single clinician deployments and a free clinic deployment. Internationally, it is known that there are practitioners in Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Israel, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia, Bermuda, Armenia, Kenya, and Greece that are either testing or actively using OpenEMR for use as a free electronic medical records program in the respective languages.

Rod Roark, a programmer; Dr. Brady Miller; Robert Down, BSN, RN; Jerry Padgett, engineer and programmer; and Stephen Waite are the project’s administrators. Everything is here: https://www.open-emr.org/

Recent Successes

The Future

Core Roadmap Projects:

  • Affordable Medical Devices Connectivity
    Affordable and high ­quality hardware to provide low resource users data­centric medical devices.
  • Units Support
    Support for hospitalized patient management.
  • Team Tasks Management
    Real time, team­centric care module.
  • Advanced Billing
    UB04 and modern billing capabilities out of the box.
  • Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Integration
    JSON­ based healthcare schema that is the future of healthcare data modeling.
  • Modern Cloud Solutions
    Ongoing support and development of OpenEMR Cloud.
  • Quality Reporting
    Ability to export more actionable and comprehensive medical reports.
  • Realistic Test Data Generation
    Life­like fake seed data for demos, academic use cases, and QA.
  • Clinical Intelligence Dashboards
    Big data analytics platform for better understanding a patient population and trends.
  • Intelligent Chart Summarization
    User-friendly clinical natural language processing to transform plain text into structured medical data.
  • Normalized Code Directory Structure
    Legacy code organization overhaul.
  • Separation of Business Logic Code
    Legacy code refactor overhaul.
  • Module Framework
    Legacy architecture overhaul.
  • Frontend User Interface Rework
    Modern UI frameworks and best practices to improve user experiences.
  • Telemedicine Support
    Patient video encounters support.
  • Speech Dictation Documentation
    Easy to use documentation to configure speech dictation support.
  • Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)
    Game changing radiology integration and viewing technology.
  • Medical Administration Record
    Electronic module to improve patient system and streamline clinical documentation processes.
  • Remote Patient Vitals Module
    Low resource solution to remotely monitor patient vitals via SMS on an interval basis.

People to meet

  • Dr. Brady Miller
    Chief Executive Officer (Executive Director)
  • Stephen Waite
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Andre Millet
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Matthew Vita
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Robert Down, BSN, RN
    Chief Information Officer
  • Asher Densmore-Lynn
    Cloud Engineer
  • Daniel Ehrlich
    Cloud Engineer
  • Jason Oettinger
    Software Engineer
  • Joyce Boyd, DNP, NP
    Educator, Nurse practitioner
  • Dani S
    User Experience
  • Roberto Vasquez
  • Jerry Padgett
  • Daniel Ehrlich
    Cloud Engineer
  • Sherwin Gaddis
  • Sena Palanisami
  • Jit Chawl
  • Lou Galterio



What is OEMR

OEMR is a non-profit organization formed to ensure that all people, regardless of race, socioeconomic status or geographic location, have access to high-quality medical care through the donation of free, open source medical software and service relating to that software. OEMR has an open policy for membership and accepts donations. OEMR supports the OpenEMR project and uses OpenEMR software as an instrument to effect its goals.http://www.oemr.org/. Maybe check out the past few meetings here: https://www.open-emr.org/wiki/index.php/OEMR_wiki_page#Meetings (recorded)

Learning Videos/Resources