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Layout Based Validation

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Added in OpenEMR version 4.3.1

Client side validation!

This development was created to solve the client side validation on the LBF forms using the validate.js library (

note!! this development doesn't support "Exam results" and "Lifestyle status" data type.

Phase 1:

  • Change the global - security->new_validation->checkit.
  • Add validation for some fields in demographics or history LBF forms - administration->layout->demographics(for example)->"?"(window in the right of screen)
  • Start using only the validation rules that we added in the list (LBF_Validations lists) +Play with it and enjoy the results!

Phase 2:

  • Try to add more rules following the validation usage - administration->lists->LBF_Validation
  • Add this rules to demographics or history forms

Example -

Adding new rule for phone number:

  1. go to administration->lists->LBF_Validation and check if already have validation for phone.
  2. if not exist you can add new validation, you need fill in 'ID' and 'Title' and the new rule in the 'Notes' column. the rule contain json with key and value according validate.js library you can for example config regular expression for phone number like - {"format":{"pattern":"^((\\+972|972)|0)( |-)?([1-468-9]( |-)?\\d{7}|(5|7)[0-9]( |-)?\\d{7})$"}}. have very good guide in for developers - possible to adding custom validation more than have in validate.js (according the user guide), the new validation store in library/js/vendors/validate/validate_extend.js file.
  3. go to each layout with phone number field and in the right box (under "?" link) choose the phone number validation.
  4. now you can't to enter wrong phone number in this field.
  5. just don't remember to check 'new validation' in the administration->security.