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  • OpenEMR 4.2.2 Users Guide:
  • OpenEMR 4.2 Workflows:

Supplementary Topics

  • ACL
  • Backup
Lest you rue the day.
Take note of this Forum thread.
  • Billing
  • 837P
  • Clinical Decision Rules
  • Coding
  • Communication
  • Data Import
  • Diagnostic Studies
Step wise explanation of how to configure Procedures:
  • Documents
  • Efficiency Tools
  • Forms
  • Layout Based Visit Forms.
  • Illustration
  • Meaningful Use
  • Navigation
  • Practice Setup
  • Prescription
  • Reports
  • Scheduling

Configuration Topics



Video Tutorials

OpenEMR 4.2.x - Getting Around

Getting Around 4.2.x

OpenEMR 4.2.x - New Clinic: Facility Settings

Facility Settings

OpenEMR 4.2.x - New Clinic: User Accounts

User Accounts

OpenEMR 4.2.x - New Clinic: Create Patient Record

Create Patient Record

OpenEMR 4.2.x - Data Forms

Data Forms 4.2.x

Getting Started

OpenEMR Tutorial - Getting Started

Setting up your clinic

OpenEMR Tutorial - Setting up your clinic (part 1)
OpenEMR Tutorial - Setting up your clinic (part 2)

Adding a new patient

OpenEMR Tutorial - Adding a new patient

Using your calendar

OpenEMR Tutorial - Using your calendar

Documenting a visit/encounter

OpenEMR Tutorial - Documenting a visit/encounter

Issues, Problems & Immunizations

Openemr Tutorial - Issues, Problems & Immunizations

Billing and Claim Generation

OpenEMR Tutorial - Billing and Claim Generation

EOBs, Payments & Accounts Receivables

Openemr Tutorial - EOBs, Payments & Accounts Receivables

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Plan to post questions here that are frequently asked on the forums for OpenEMR version 4.2.2.
How do I get E-Prescribing working?
How do I get electronic lab results working?
How do I go about getting Meaningful Use now?