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{{Languages|OpenEMR 4.2.2 Users Guide}}
==Users Guide==
===Main Topics===
====Wiki Format====
:* '''OpenEMR 5.0 Users Guide''':
::* [[Quick Reference Handout 4.2|Quick Reference Handout - v4.2]]
::* [[Getting Started 4.1.3|Getting Started - v4.1.3]]
::* [[Main Screen & Navigation 4.1.3|Main Screen & Navigation - v4.1.3]]
::* [[New Clinic OpenEMR Setup 4.1.3|New Clinic OpenEMR Setup - v4.1.3]]
:* '''OpenEMR 4.2x Workflows''':
::* [[Adding a New Patient 4.1|Adding a New Patient]]
::* [[Using the Calendar 4.1|Using the Calendar]]
::* [[New Encounters & Coding 4.1|New Encounters & Coding]]
::* [[Issues & Immunizations 4.1|Issues & Immunizations]]
::* [[Patient Notes & Transactions 4.1|Patient Notes & Transactions]]
::* [[Basic Billing 4.1|Basic Billing]]
::* [[Sample: Applying Adjustment to Pt Account|Sample: Applying Adjustment to Pt Account]]
::* [[Accounting & Receivables 4.1|Accounting & Receivables]]
::* [[Reporting 4.1|Reporting]]
===Supplementary Topics===
::*[[Access_Controls_Listing|Access Control List]]
::*[[Adding_and_Removing_User_Permissions|Changing Permissions]]
::*[[ACL_Fine_Granular_Control|ACL Fine Granular Control]]
:* Backup 
::Lest you rue the day.
:::Take note of this [http://sourceforge.net/p/openemr/discussion/202505/thread/2a87885a/?page=0 Forum thread].
::*[[Macrium_Reflect_Backup_and_Recovery|System Image]]: Creation and recovery in 32/64 bit devices.
:::*[[X12_837p_Reference|X12 837p Reference]], Version 4010.
:::*[https://apps.availity.com/availity/AvHelp/Glossary/Loops_and_Segments_in_EDI_Claims_X12_837_Files.htm Version 5010].
::*[[Charges Panel]].
::*[[Credit_Card_Processing_Inside_OpenEMR|Credit Card Processing]].
::*[[Review_EDI_History_Module|Review EDI History Module]].
::*[[OpenEMR 4.2.0 Fee Sheet Custom Service Categories|Fee Sheet Custom Service Categories]] 
::*[[OpenEMR_4.2.1_Fee_Sheet Review Button_and_CPT4_Link |Fee Sheet Review Button and CPT4 Link]]
::*[[Add Red Notification to Patient Billing Widget|Red Notification, Patient Billing Widget]].
::*[[Media:Patient_ledger.odt|Patient Ledger]]
::*Patient Statement with [[Media:Setting_up_the_statements_dunning_for_OpenEmr.pdf|Dunning Messages]].
:*Clinical Decision Rules 
::*[[CDR in OpenEMR 5 - Survey of CDRs]].
::*[[CDR in OpenEMR 5 - Create a CDR]].
::*[[CDR in OpenEMR 5 - Using a CDR]].
::*[[CDR in OpenEMR 5 - Administering CDRs]]
::*[[CDR User Manual]].
::*[[Media:Clinical_Decision_Rules_Manual.pdf|CDR Guide]]: How to add rules for Clinical Quality Measures.
::*[[Configure OpenEMR for ICD-10]].
::*[[HOWTO: Use OpenEMR's Dated Reminder|Dated Reminders]].
::*[[Direct]]: Direct Project guide.
::*[[Mercury Mail Configuration in Windows]].
::*[[Patient Portal]].
::*[[Short Message Service]].
::*[[Sms_and_Email_Notification_Howtos|SMS & Email]].
:*Data Import
::*[[Import_Standard_Tables|Standard Tables]]: An ICD9, ICD10, SNOMED & RxNorm import guide.
::*[[Import_RxNorm_and_SNOMED_Tables|RxNorm and SNOMED]].
::*[[Code_Types|Other Data Sets - Other Methods]].
:*Diagnostic Studies
::* [[Procedure configuration & order process]].
::: Step wise explanation of how to configure '''Procedures''':
:::* [[Media:Process+4-5-0+Diagnostic+Laboratories+Orders+Ver+4-0.pdf|Diagnostic Laboratories Orders]].
:::* [[Media:Process+4-5-1+Laboratory+Catalogue+Configuration+Ver+4-0.pdf|Laboratory Catalogue Configuration]].
:::* [[Media:Process+4-5-2+Laboratory+Orders+and+Results+Ver+4-0.pdf|Laboratory Orders & Results]].
:::* [[Procedures_Module_Configuration_for_Manual_Result_Entry|Procedures Module Configuration for Manual Result Entry]]: A pictorial guide. 
:::* [[Media:LEN_User_Documentation_v1.0.pdf‎|Laboratory Exchange User Documentation]]: Communication with external laboratory facility.
::*[[Sample Create and Use Procedure Orders 4.1-4.2|Sample: Create and Use Procedure Orders  4.1-4.2]]
::*[[Faxing & Scanning]].
::*[[Templates for Patient Documents]]: How to download, modify & upload templates.
::*[[Patient Education]]: Providing preprinted materials to patients.
:*Efficiency Tools
::*[[Patient_Flow_Board|Patient Flow Board]].
::*[[Random_Drug_Screening|Random Drug Screening]].
::*[[Review_EDI_History_Module|Review: EDI History Module]].
::*[[OpenEMR_Contributed_Forms|Contributed Forms]]: 60 forms.
:::*[[CAMOS module]]: An intuitive interface for text organization and insertion in a patient's chart.
:::*[[Eye_Exam|Eye Exam]]: The Comprehensive Ophthalmic Exam.
:::*[[Graphic_pain_map|Graphic Pain Map]]: Image uploading & annotations guide.
:::*[[Previews of Forms Distributed with OpenEMR|Form Previews]].
:::*[[Track Anything Form|Track Anything]]: A graph generating form for any data.
::*Layout Based Visit Forms.
:::*[[LBV Forms]].
:::*[[Sample Layout Based Visit Form]].
:::*[[LBV FORMS FOR OPHTHALMOLOGY]]: A pictorial tutorial.
:::*[[Layout Based Validation]].
::*[[Nation Notes]]: LBV Form with a WYSIWYG editor.
:::*[[Sample NationNotes Form]]. 
::*[[Simple Note Templates|Simple Note Templates]].
::*[[Videos and Animations]].
:*Meaningful Use
::*[[OpenEMR 4.2.0 AMC Reports]].
::*[[Cross Reference Views]].
::*[[OpenEMR Search| Find - Search HowTos]]: Finding things in OpenEMR - various search methods used.
::*[[Patient Note and Form Searching]].
:*Practice Setup
::*[[Facility Specific User Information]].
::*[[User Settings]]
::*[[Pharmacy Dispensary Module]].
::*[[End of Day Report]].
::*[[Calendar_Categories|Calendar Categories]]: Guide to change name, color & interval of appointments.
::*[[Calendar_Holidays|Holidays]]: How to set up holidays for the clinic.
:*Chart Tracking
::*[[Chart_Tracker|Chart Tracking]]: How to seamlessly combine digital and paper charts in your practice.
=== Configuration Topics ===
==== General ====
:* [[Access Controls Listing|Description of Access Controls]]: Documentation of the settings in Administration->ACL.
:* [[ACL_Fine_Granular_Control|ACL Fine Granular Control]]: A guide with examples and screenshots.
:* [[Client Sided Validation]]
:* [[HOWTO: Create And Use Database Views|HOWTO: Create And Use Database Views]].
:* [[OpenEMR Backup Tools| Backup - Backup Tools]]: Backup Methods and Scripts in OpenEMR - Protecting Your Data. 
:* [[OpenEMR Database Conversion Tools| Database - Database Conversion Tools]]: Changing Data For Use in OpenEMR.
:* [[Obliteration_of_OpenEMR|OpenEMR Deletion]].
:* [[OpenEMR Form Creation Tools| Forms - Form Creation Tools]]: Tools for editing existing forms and creating new forms in OpenEMR.
:* [[DIY_IMPLEMENTATION_OF_OPENEMR|DIY Implementation of OpenEMR]]: A do-it-yourself guide with encouragements.
:* [[Hosted_OpenEMR|Installation in a hosted environment]].
:* [[OpenEMR Layout Selection| Layout Selection]]: Configuration and selection of three visual layouts with comparison screenshots. 
:* [[OpenEMR Internationalization Configuration| Language Translation Configuration]]: Translation of OpenEMR into your native language.
:* [[OpenEMR Multiple Sites Module|Multiple Sites Module]]: Configuration and maintenance of multiple sites from one OpenEMR instance.
:* [[Operating Systems]].
:* [[Securing OpenEMR]]: Advice from the community on how to secure an OpenEMR instance.
:* [[settings_lists|Description of Settings]]: Documentation of the settings in Administration->Globals and Administration->Lists.
:* [[OpenEMR Patient Statement Printing and Configuration Howtos| Patient Statement Printing/Configuration Howtos]].
:* [[SSL Installation Howtos|SSL Install Howtos]].
:* [[OpenEMR UTF-8 Upgrade Howto|UTF-8 Upgrade Howto]]: Configuration of non-Latin scripts.
:* [[Dual_Upgrade_of_OpenEMR_and_XAMPP_in_Windows|Windows Package Dual Upgrade]]: Simultaneous upgrades of XAMPP and OpenEMR.
==== Modules ====
:* [[OpenEMR Billing Setup Howtos| Billing - Billing Setup Howtos]]: How To Configure and Use OpenEMR For Billing. 
:* [[OpenEMR Calendar| Calendar - Using The Calendar As A Tool]]: Using The Calendar As A Tool in OpenEMR.
:* [[CouchDB Documents Module]] - Using CouchDB to store patient documents.
:* [[Mercury Mail Configuration in Windows|Mercury Mail Configuration in Windows XAMPP]].
:* [[Pharmacy Dispensary Module Configuration|Pharmacy Dispensary Module Configuration]].
:* [[Sms and Email Notification Howtos|Sms/Email Notification Howtos]].
:* [[Z&H's CCDA Module]]: Setup and Configuration of Z&H's Carecoordination module.
==Video Tutorials==
===Choosing a User Interface - OpenEMR 5.0.0===
{{#ev:youtube|-XtYLXFPo8g|300||'''Choosing a User Interface - OpenEMR 5.0.0'''}}
===Adding a New Patient - OpenEMR 5.0.0===
{{#ev:youtube|q_yXYgg7EdE|300||'''Adding a New Patient - OpenEMR 5.0.0'''}}
===OpenEMR 5.0 dev - Intro 1 Walkthrough===
{{#ev:youtube|TRb3jBBlPgQ|300||'''MI2-OpenEMR 5 - Intro 1 Walkthrough'''}}
===OpenEMR 5.0 dev - CDR Survey===
{{#ev:youtube|zpG3PlnnEPY|300||'''MI2 OpenEMR5 CDR Survey'''}}
===OpenEMR 5.0 dev - Create a CDR===
{{#ev:youtube|Y3f5PaI_gJw|300||'''MI2 OpenEMR5 Create a CDR'''}}
===OpenEMR 5.0 dev - Use a CDR===
{{#ev:youtube|7ztgKk3_Vew|300||'''MI2 OpenEMR5 Use a CDR'''}}
===OpenEMR 5.0.x - Getting Around===
{{#ev:youtube|CdSZzau2Pvw|300||'''Getting Around 4.2.x'''}}
===OpenEMR 5.0.x - New Clinic: Facility Settings===
{{#ev:youtube|667NXhWlLpA|300||'''Facility Settings'''}}
===OpenEMR 5.0.x - New Clinic: User Accounts===
{{#ev:youtube|-s8dYXEsaVQ|300||'''User Accounts'''}}
===OpenEMR 5.0.x - New Clinic: Create Patient Record===
{{#ev:youtube|QVirVE8idF8|300||'''Create Patient Record'''}}
===OpenEMR 5.0.x - Data Forms===
{{#ev:youtube|Q3gO_uHuKj0|300||'''Data Forms 4.2.x'''}}
===Getting Started===
{{#ev:youtube|9iOfFsMf7yY|300||'''OpenEMR Tutorial - Getting Started'''}}
===Setting up your clinic===
{{#ev:youtube|oBSLyhCoNUc|300||'''OpenEMR Tutorial - Setting up your clinic (part 1)'''}}
{{#ev:youtube|vKgr78LxsQo|300||'''OpenEMR Tutorial - Setting up your clinic (part 2)'''}}
===Adding a new patient===
{{#ev:youtube|q_yXYgg7EdE|300||'''Adding a New Patient - OpenEMR 5.0.0'''}}
===Using your calendar===
{{#ev:youtube|DRWAN4JOW-s|300||'''OpenEMR Tutorial - Using your calendar'''}}
===Documenting a visit/encounter===
{{#ev:youtube|5Eo1q1mPM5M|300||'''OpenEMR Tutorial - Documenting a visit/encounter'''}}
===Issues, Problems & Immunizations===
{{#ev:youtube|w4rGCc7HS2Q|300||'''Openemr Tutorial - Issues, Problems & Immunizations'''}}
===Billing and Claim Generation===
{{#ev:youtube|KC2YFuhmLMs|300||'''OpenEMR Tutorial - Billing and Claim Generation'''}}
===EOBs, Payments & Accounts Receivables===
{{#ev:youtube|fjmyLg6hGgI|300||'''Openemr Tutorial - EOBs, Payments & Accounts Receivables'''}}
==Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)==
:Plan to post questions here that are frequently asked on the forums for OpenEMR version 5.0.1.
:'''How do I get E-Prescribing working?'''
::*See [[OpenEMR ePrescribe]] wiki page for details.
:*[[OpenEMR_Acknowledgments|OpenEMR Acknowledgments Page]]
:*[http://www.ohloh.net/p/openemr/factoids/ Greater than 133 developers have directly contributed code to this project].
:*Meaningful Use Certification itself involved numerous individuals, companies and the [http://www.oemr.org OEMR] organization.
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Lest you rue the day.
Take note of this Forum thread.
  • Billing
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  • Chart Tracking: How to seamlessly combine digital and paper charts in your practice.

Configuration Topics



Video Tutorials

Choosing a User Interface - OpenEMR 5.0.0

Choosing a User Interface - OpenEMR 5.0.0

Adding a New Patient - OpenEMR 5.0.0

Adding a New Patient - OpenEMR 5.0.0

OpenEMR 5.0 dev - Intro 1 Walkthrough

MI2-OpenEMR 5 - Intro 1 Walkthrough

OpenEMR 5.0 dev - CDR Survey

MI2 OpenEMR5 CDR Survey

OpenEMR 5.0 dev - Create a CDR

MI2 OpenEMR5 Create a CDR

OpenEMR 5.0 dev - Use a CDR

MI2 OpenEMR5 Use a CDR

OpenEMR 5.0.x - Getting Around

Getting Around 4.2.x

OpenEMR 5.0.x - New Clinic: Facility Settings

Facility Settings

OpenEMR 5.0.x - New Clinic: User Accounts

User Accounts

OpenEMR 5.0.x - New Clinic: Create Patient Record

Create Patient Record

OpenEMR 5.0.x - Data Forms

Data Forms 4.2.x

Getting Started

OpenEMR Tutorial - Getting Started

Setting up your clinic

OpenEMR Tutorial - Setting up your clinic (part 1)
OpenEMR Tutorial - Setting up your clinic (part 2)

Adding a new patient

Adding a New Patient - OpenEMR 5.0.0

Using your calendar

OpenEMR Tutorial - Using your calendar

Documenting a visit/encounter

OpenEMR Tutorial - Documenting a visit/encounter

Issues, Problems & Immunizations

Openemr Tutorial - Issues, Problems & Immunizations

Billing and Claim Generation

OpenEMR Tutorial - Billing and Claim Generation

EOBs, Payments & Accounts Receivables

Openemr Tutorial - EOBs, Payments & Accounts Receivables

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Plan to post questions here that are frequently asked on the forums for OpenEMR version 5.0.1.
How do I get E-Prescribing working?