OpenEMR 7 New Clinic Setup

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This document is a re-write of the wiki page of the similar name for OpenEMR version 4.2.0. As one might imagine, in the decade since that tutorial was written a lot has changed in OpenEMR that would be useful to know when first setting up a practice's OpenEMR instance. This document will retain the useful text from the older document but replace the images with updated screenshots, add new content describing new features and delete obsolete information. Some of the new information touches on feature configurations which strictly speaking are optional, but many practices end up using them.

  • The screenshots will be taken in the OpenEMR Development 7.0.1 Demo with demo data at .
  • Note that the user who configures these features must be an OpenEMR Administrator.

Hope this is useful.

- Harley Tuck


The initial setup of OpenEMR consists of six necessary steps and five optional but very good ideas. These headings are links to the pages.
1. Enter OpenEMR's application ("global") settings such as the user interface theme, the date/ time formats, connector credentials to external systems, etc.
2. Enter facility- specific settings, practice and business identifiers such as tax information and insurance numbers
3. Create user accounts for the people who will be authorized to use OpenEMR
4. Practice Settings: pharmacy and insurance company information; document formats that can be accepted;
5. External Data Loads of codesets for ICD10, RXNORM, SNOMED, CQM_VALUSET
6. Calendar configuration of patient appointment types and provider schedule time slots
Good Ideas:
7. Useful Configurations without which OpenEMR will still work but have sub-optimal function. Some are necessities for many practices, others are not. Links to pages


Each page will have the instructions for configuring the feature for basic functionality. Some may have advanced capabilities which will be described on other linked pages, some of which may be older wiki pages if the interface is similar except for theme or eyecandy.

You will also find links to relevant or useful forum posts on the topic.

If you have any questions about these workflows or documents you are welcome to post to the community forum at or contact me directly. -