Additional notes about the virtual appliance

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Version 4.1.0

  1. To auto- start the VMPlayer in Windows:
  • Make a desktop shortcut for the Virtual-Appliance.vmx file on the desktop .
  • RightClick Shortcut.
  • Choose default program
  • This connection with VMPlayer has only to be made once. Windows will remember this choice.
  • Choose VMPlayer from already installed programs. SAVE
  • Now Double Click Shortcut and VMPlayer will start and you can use the Browser with the suggested defaults.
  • Be sure to make a static IP address, to login with a homepage startup with something like /, or choose the correct IP address as suggested in opening screen.
  • If confronted with a blank- screen in VMPlayer: Double click with mouse in VMPlayer and hit CTR-key.
  • To leave the VMPLayer and go back to Windows OS hit CTR+ALT
  • If Shortcut is entered in Start menu in Windows, the part of DoubleClick the Shortcut can be omitted and VMPlayer is ready to use.
  • Put the shortcut in C:/Documents and Settings/USER/Start Menu/Programs/Startup and it will automatically starts the VMPlayer when the account loads.

Version 4.0.0

Since the time the virtual appliance was built, some of the files in ubuntu that describe where to fetch additional software on the internet have changed. When trying to follow the Users manual you will get an error when trying to install postfix (e-mail server) and other software packages. To get around this, before beginning the "Configuration of the OpenEMR Appliance" section in the user's manual, log in, and issue the following command:

sudo aptitude update

(Note this has been fixed in the 4.1.0 Users Manual)