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Every patient that arrives in the laboratory and has a specimen collected needs to be entered into the master patient specimen log. This includes laboratories performed in the physician office and also for recording specimens that are sent out to a reference laboratory.

In our laboratory we record:

  The date and time of collection.
  The technician collecting the specimen.
  The Patient Name.
  Patient ID number (pid).
  The tests ordered (Use for CBC, CMP, etc)
  Name of the reference laboratory if the sample is referred out to the reference laboratory.
  Ordering clinician.
  Specimen type.
  Normal method to notify the patient of test results (telephone, fax or mail)
  Date time the results were reported back from the reference lab if any.

CLIA requires a hard copy of all the specimens received. It will be necessary to print a daily log of all specimens received.

We print a daily manifest of what was sent out to the reference laboratory which we use to verify that all specimens have been reported back to us and what is outstanding.

The printed labs are reviewed by the practitioner, interpreted and signed off with a date and time.

We try to call all patients with the results of their laboratories.

If we can't contact the patient by telephone we mail a copy to the patient.

Laboratories after being signed are scanned and uploaded into the EMR.