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Office Visit Flow Labs

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Patient signs in and is greeted.

If new patient, paperwork is filled out and entered into the computer. If established patient, information is verified and updated if necessary.

Receptionist prints Superbill (router).

Patient is called to back if in for office visit and practitioner steps in. Order necessary labs.

If patient is just in for labs, patient is called to lab.

Technician verifies legal order, diagnosis and lab tests then creates a lab request. A copy of this valid order must be available in the lab for later review by CLIA or COLA site reviewers.

The technician verifies the identity of the patient using two different forms of identity, usually the name and the date of birth of the patient.

If necessary, technician has the patient sign an Advance Beneficiary Notification. This usually in the case of laboratories that have minimum frequency requirements by the insurance company and or CMS. It is necessary to notify the patient in advance that the particular laboratory may not be a covered service.

The technician collects specimen from patient. Immediately the technician labels the specimen with the patient name, ID number, date:time, and technician's initials on the specimen container.

The technician enters into main patient specimen log.

The specimen is prepared for analysis. If the specimen is going out to a reference laboratory, a lab order is entered into the reference lab computer.

The specimen is either internally analyzed or is picked up by the outside laboratory.

For reference labs the reference lab transports the specimen to the outside lab.

Reference diagnostic testing results are transmitted electronically to the office to laboratory computer.

Labs are printed.

Technician checks off labs on main patient specimen log. Checks for missing or outstanding labs.

Printed labs reports are reviewed, interpreted and signed by ordering practitioner.

Patient is called to notify them of results. If unable to notify by phone, patient is notified by mail. Whenever possible, patient questions are answered.

If abnormal lab results, patient is scheduled for follow up.

Patient testing date recorded. Patient results put in patient result log.

Print log daily. Keep hard copy- off site back up.

Notify ordering practitioner (pop-up note or patient note)

Panic value alerted. Alert practitioner of panic value.

MedID Pt Name the panic value reference range

If practitioner is out of office, fax or email result to ordering practitioner.

Response of practitioner -please repeat study -please send for confirmation

To add a methodology validate new reagents run old controls as new machine specimen to verify it is working