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OpenEMR Global Settings


  • User passwords, security certificates, system settings pertaining to physical security

Graphics and a few new descriptions were addded to update the materials for this 4.2.0 UG.
Almost all the text in these pages was provided by Brady Miller.

Idle Session Timeout Seconds

  • Default 7200 (system times out if user is away from session for 2 hrs)

Require Strong Passwords

  • Recommend: checked

Require Unique Passwords

  • Recommend: checked

Permit unsalted passwords

  • (This setting was added in OpenEMR version 4.1.2)
  • This allows users that have not had their authentication credentials yet migrated to the new authentication method (salted and in the users_secure sql table) to be migrated automatically when they log in. This can be turned off when no longer needed.

Default Password Expiration Days

  • Days before user password must be changed

Password Expiration Grace Period

  • How long after expiration period user account is still accessible

Enable Client SSL

Path to CA Certificate File

Path to CA Key File

Client Certificate Expiration Days

Emergency Login Email Address

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