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Patch Mechanism

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Note this page is for developers to describe the patch process. For actual Patches, go to the OpenEMR Patches wiki page. And for the steps on how to release a offical patch, go to the Steps for a patch release wiki page.


Patch Mechanism

This is currently rather simple and involves a step to update the codebase and a step to update the database.


All new code is carried over to a release branch (ie. rel-xxx) and all files that have been modified are intermittently packaged in a zip file. So, can upgrade code by patching from the rel-xxx branch or by patching from the packaged zip file.


The sql_patch.php script will upgrade database, globals, and the version/patch (from version.php script). It loads the database changes from the sql/patch.sql file.(note also add database changes to database.sql in case users install from the rel-xxx branch)

Ongoing Patch Trails

Ongoing 5.0.2 Patch Trail
Ongoing 5.0.1 Patch Trail
Prior 5.0.0 Patch Trail