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This page will list official OpenEMR third-party modules.

Payment Processing

Sphere Payment Processing Module

This module will work with OpenEMR 6.0.0 (with patch 4 or greater) and higher versions. Click this Sphere Payment Processing Module link for further details, which includes instructions to sign up, configure, and use this module.

Simple Provider Payroll Module

This is a very simplified payroll calculator. The module uses the visit completion to calculate the provider's pay. The pay rate can be entered in percentages or flat rates. Download here


Comlink Telehealth Module

This module will work with OpenEMR 7.0.0 (with patch 2 or greater) and higher versions. Click this Comlink Telehealth Module link for further details, which includes instructions for signing up for this module.

Data Processing

Documo Fax Module

This module faxes documents created within the program or uploaded to the Documents folder.

Click here for full video series on how to install this module


Two-Way SMS Module

This module will allow your office to engage the patient via a two-way SMS conversation. The text message is sent from the EHR to the patient. The text messages can be initiated from within the EHR interface. The staff can make first contact to facilitate communication with a patient. Your staff can also send out a mass text. This feature is great when a group of patients needs to be contacted.


Patient Privacy

Patient Filter Module

This module is a basic implementation of the Original Patient Privacy module. Enable the module by going to Modules->Manage Modules. Find the Patient Filter module in the Unregistered tab and Register, Install, and Enable it. Then find the blacklist.php file under the interface/modules/zend_modules/module/PatientFilter/config directory which must be customized for your use.

Chart Review

There is a CLI script under contrib/util/chart_review_pids.php which can aid in remote chart reviews by an insurance company. Run the script and use the output to update the above-mentioned blacklist.php


Quest Quantum Hub Module

The Quest Quantum Hub module will allow for a bi-directional interface with Quest Hub. The module is a seamless integration with the existing interface. The current interface will be used as normal. The module talks with Quest through a series of API calls to their hub. The Quest Hub will auto-generate a requisition form for each order. This feature can be disabled in the config if not desired.