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This page will list official OpenEMR third-party modules.

Payment Processing

Sphere Payment Processing Module

This module will work with OpenEMR 6.0.0 (with patch 4 or greater) and higher versions. Click this Sphere Payment Processing Module link for further details, which includes instructions to sign up, configure, and use this module.

Data Processing

Prior Authorization Module

This module is built to manage prior authorization needed for patient services provided. The module has an entry form in each patient's chart for the prior auth numbers. The data captured includes the start and end date. The module showed when an auth has expired. The CPT codes that the auth is issued for can be stored also. Our next version will use the CPTs and date range to enter the correct auth into the billing if desired.
Go to our modules page to download. Click here > Affordable Custom EHR

Module Screenshot


Documo Fax Module

This module faxes documents created within the program or uploaded to the Documents folder.

Click here for full video series on how to install this module


SMS Appointment Reminder Module

This module will send text message reminders to patients concerning their upcoming appointment. Patients can reply to the text message. It is received in the notifications log in the system. Download and install this module like a patch. This is a paid service like Ring Central.



Telehealth Module

This telehealth module is a great addition to any practice. The cost is $10/mo./provider