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Getting Started

Getting to the Login Page

Enter in your web browser's address bar the URL of your OpenEMR installation. The URL will be in the fashion of:


with 'servername' being the name of the server where OpenEMR is installed.

If you're logging into OpenEMR on a single computer the URL may be:


If unsure of the URL, check with your computer services Administrator.

See the OpenEMR login page:

Login 6 1 0.png

For this demonstration we will login with:

username: admin
password: pass (Note: the password is case sensitive.

If not using English select the language you want to use in OpenEMR:
LanguageSelection 6 1 0.png
LoginButton 6 1 0.png

and click the Login button. (circled)
See the main OpenEMR screen (next section)

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