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Main Screen & Navigation

Documentation Note

Several of these images are from the 4.2.0 release. We will update them as we continue to work on the user guide.

Change Password

** If you are using the online demo do NOT change the admin password you used to log in **
However, if you are logging into your own OpenEMR installation for the first time it is good security practice to change your password to one that is more secure.
Select a word that is at least six (6) characters long and includes at least one of each:

  • upper AND lower case letters
  • numbers AND special characters

When you change your password and click the Save button you will need to log out and back in again.

Main Screen

See this view of the full screen on login
MainScreen 6 1 0.png

Navigation Menu

The nav bar menu itself is available in three different layout styles. See nav bar menu item Administration, the Globals submenu for details. Many other customizations of OpenEMR may be made in Administration -> Globals as well.

All Nav Bar items, shown here in "slider" layout style. Other layout styles have these same items in different layout.
  • Click on each colored bar to open that page or show a sub- menu item
  • Greyed items may not be accessed for some reason, usually because a patient or encounter has not been selected or begun.

All Navigation Menu Items

Each major nav menu item is linked to a page that gives details about it and its sub items.

  • Menu items display in upper pane by default unless stated otherwise.

Create and print Provider's work schedule; display in variety of formats.
Send and recieve reminders with other Providers; displays alerts from CDR and other modules. Default: lower pane.
Portal Activity
Work with the Patient Portals
Does not appear by default; must be configured in Administration-> Globals
In development; pertains to the Patient Portal
Patient/ Client
Functions directly involved in patient/ client care.
Patients - Full listing of all registered patients, with limited search capability
New/ Search - Add a new patient or conduct multi- field search
Summary - Single screen summary of the selected patient's data
Visits - Functions relating to a patient visit
Create Visit - Begin patient visit here; enter preliminary information. Default: lower pane
Current - Primary panel in which to document encounter; create summary, e-sign entries, make SOAP notes, etc . Default: lower pane
Visit History - History of selected patient's visits and documents; link to 'billing view'. Default: lower pane
Pertaining to this patient's healthcare records

Patient Record Request - Place a request for a copy of patient's records

Visit Forms
Collect data for several standardized documents.
  • All default: lower pane

Misc Billing Options HCFA - Provide additional data in CMS-1500 paper form
Procedure Order - Order diagnostic studies
Review of Systems - General "Yes/ No" systems review
Review of Systems Checks - More detailed systems review by checklist
SOAP - Compose a SOAP note on this encounter
Speech Dictation - Integrate Voice Recognition Software of dictated clinical notes
Vitals - Record Vital Signs plus other measurements

Bring external individual patient record or data into OpenEMR

Upload - Import Continuity of Care Record in xml format
Pending Approval - list of imported CCR's awaiting approval

  • descr

Fee Sheet - Enter charges for an encounter
Payment - Provide Front Desk with simple interface to record payments
Checkout - Print Patient's receipt for visit
Billing - Billing Manager to generate claims and post payments
Batch Payments - Post one large payment from single insurer
EDI History - Electronic Remittance Advice Manager

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Use modules that provide non- standard functions


Manage Modules - Manage new modules

Does not appear by default; must be configured in Administration -> Globals

Manage in- house stocks of Dispensary drug and non-drug items


Management - Add or remove in-house Dispensary drug and non-drug items
Destroyed - Document destruction of Dispensary drug and non-drug items


Managing procedures ordered by providers


Providers - Register Laboratory Facilities
Configuration - Configure tests or groups of tests
Load Compendium - Import test definitions, questions and options
Pending Review - Test results awaiting review
Patient Results - Reviewed test results
Lab Overview - Summary of diagnostic studies ordered by practice
Batch Results - Search for specific test by range of dates
Electronic Reports - Summary of diagnostic studies with and without results


Settings that control OpenEMR functions


Globals - Set the manner in which most of OpenEMR's features are managed and displayed
Facilities - Register multiple facilities that will be managed by this instance of OpenEMR
Users - Register authorized users, and set account permissions
Addr Book - Contact information for users of this system, referring physicians and external facilities
Practice - Manage data for pharmacies, insurers, clearinghouses, documents and HL7
Codes - Manual entry of diagnostic and procedural codes
Layouts - Edit a layout; used in Layout Based Visit Forms
Lists - Create or edit lists of data used throughout OpenEMR
ACL - Set users' access permissions to different OpenEMR capabilities
Files - Edit certain Default folder files and import images for logo
Backup - Resident backup utility and logs of database, web directory and phpGACL
Rules - Configure rules for Clinical Decision Rules functions
Alerts - Summary of types of CDR alerts
Patient Reminders - Manage Patient Reminders

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Other (Administration)

Settings of additional OpenEMR functions


Language - Utility to modify translations
Forms - Activate Contributed forms in OpenEMR
Calendar - Change color, duration and name of a calendar event
Logs - View logs of system activities
Database - Access the system database through phpMyAdmin
Certificates - Manage security certificates
External Data Loads - Automated import of codesets
Merge Patients - Experimental utility to merge erroneously separate patient records


All the different types of reports available:



Involving Patient/ Client data


List - Patient list by Provider or visit date
Rx - Prescriptions by Facility, Date, Patient ID, Drug, Lot
Clinical - List of patients' clinical data reports, sorted by multiple criteria
Referrals - Referrals by facility and date
Immunization Registry - Immunization Registry, by codes and date


Reports on clinic activities


Report Results - List of completed reports in this module
Standard Measures - Report of Core and Additional Clinical Quality Measures
Quality Measures (CQM) - Report of Alternate Clinical Quality Measures
Automated Measures (AMC) - Report of Core and Menu Measures
AMC Tracking - Report of three specific Menu Measures


Reports on data pertaining to patient visits


Appointments - Distribution of appointments by provider, patient type, completion status, dates
Encounters - By Provider, facility, date.
Appt-Enc - Strictly by facility and date.
Superbill - AKA, "Encounter Forms" or "Routing Slips" by date; this facility only
Eligibility - For Eligibility 270 Inquiry
Eligibility Response - Upload electronic document with reesponse to the EDI 270 Inquiry
Chart Activity - List of accesses made to a specified Patient's chart
Charts Out - Which Patient charts have been checked out
Services - Services by category
Syndromic Surveillance - "Non Reported Issues"


Front Office practice management functions


Sales - By Item, by facility
Cash Rec - Cash Receipts by Provider, by facility, date, and diagnosis
Front Rec - Front office receipts
Pmt Method - Receipts summary by payer, facility, date, procedure/ service
Collections - Accounts in collections, by multiple criteria
Financial Summary by Service Code - By facility, Provider, date

In-house stocks of medical product


List - Inventory over the past specified period
Activity - By product or location, over the past specified period
Transactions - By transaction type and time period


Procedures in varying stages of completion; displays in popup


Pending Res - Procedures ordered; no results yet
Statistics - Statistics on distribution of multiple criteria in procedure results


Information relating to insurance


Distribution - Distribution of Patients among Insurance companies used
Indigents - List of accounts of patients without funds, by date range
Unique SP - Unique patients seen

Blank Forms

Print paper forms for clinic; invokes computer system's Print dialog.


Demographics - Print empty form to collect Demographics data for patient records
Superbill/ Fee Sheet - Print empty superbill
Referral - Print blank referral form


Report on other computer activities that work with but are separate from OpenEMR.


Background Services - List of installed services and their operating statuses
Direct Message Log - Operating status of the Direct Message service

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Sundry items not categorized elsewhere


Patient Education - Simple Internet search engine to obtain educational materials from selected sources
Authorizations - Persons allowed to make entries in chart. Default: lower pane
Addr Book - Duplicate of Administration -> Addr Book
Order Catalog - Types of Orders and Results
Chart Tracker - Monitor location of Patient chart
Ofc Notes - Notes of the practice unrelated to a specific patient
BatchCom - Process batch communications of emailed patient reminders; other formats are in development
Password - Change user's password
Preferences - Customize individual user settings
New Documents - Upload documents (e.g., DNR, CCR, ID card) for patients not yet entered in the system
Document Templates - Upload/ download/ delete templates used in some OpenEMR workflows

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