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Care Management Solutions, Inc.

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Care Management Solutions, Inc.
25 E Center St
Rutland, VT 05701
Phone: 800-371-8685
CMS has provided OpenEMR hosting, support and customization since 2010. It has successfully setup new practices and converted existing practices to OpenEMR. This includes demographics import as well as charts and billing.
CMS specializes in upgrades, patches and configuring your own OpenEMR.
CMS has a live interface with the Vermont Health Info Exchange developed in partnership with Sunset Systems. The code has been contributed back to the community and is incorporated in the main codebase. It allows for the creation of a results only interface that can be combined with Mirth Connect to support HL7 messaging.
CMS was founded as a medical billing and practice management company and it has extensive experience with medical billing using OpenEMR. CMS has helped maintain the community version support for 5010 X12, ICD10 and it's integration throughout the codebase for the past several years.
Stephen serves as Board Chair and CFO of the OpenEMR Foundation and believes in free software as a social movement.

Contributed Features

1. X12 5010 enhancements to the 837 and 835 HIPAA standard transaction sets.

2. ICD10 maintenance.

List of commits

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