Vital Signs

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MU Requirements

Meaningful Use Measures:

For at least 80% of all unique patients age 2 and over seen by the EP, record blood pressure and BMI; additionally plot growth chart for children age 2-20.

Certification Criteria for EHR:

1. Enable a user to electronically record, modify, and retrieve patient’s vital signs including, at a minimum, the height, weight, blood pressure, temperature, and pulse.

2. Automatically calculate and display body mass index (BMI) based on a patient’s height and weight.

3. Plot and electronically display, upon request, growth charts (height, weight, and BMI) for patients 2-20 years old.

From CCHIT: MU.P1.EP.O10

The technology shall have the ability to record vital signs: height, weight, blood pressure.

The technology shall have the ability to calculate and display BMI.

Proposed Solution

Vitals form by default meets the requirement.


Review growth charts to see how they are used.

Effected Code, Tables, etc

Codes for growth charts are found in: \htdocs\openemr\interface\forms\vitals\growthchart\chart.php

Owner and Status

Design - Thomas Wong (Intesync) and Tony McCormick (MI2)

Coding - TBA