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My name's Harley Tuck. I start my Sr year this Fall ('13) at OIT/ Wilsonville in the Health Informatics program with Tech Writing minor. I've finished all classes except the Sr Project and a couple electives. I was a psych and drug/ alcohol LPN for many years, also I have a fairly broad background in general medical matters. I have loads of experience analyzing, documenting and automating healthcare workflows. I'm finally at a place where I can contribute to a FOSS project and have been looking at OpenEMR for about a year now, lurking on the forums, and I can see it's a really worthwhile project. I've been running a Linux desktop at home for 15 years or so, have OEMR v 4.1.1 installed on my Linux Mint 13 netbook and it works great. I can't code php but would love to contribute to the project's English documentation. That's me in the proverbial nutshell.