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Smoking Status

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MU Requirements

Meaningful Use Measures:

At least 80% of all unique patients 13 years old or older have “smoking status” recorded.

Certification Criteria for EHR:

Enable a user to electronically record, modify, and retrieve the smoking status of a patient to: current smoker, former smoker, or never smoked.


AR.EP.J.1 The technology shall have the ability to record smoking status.

Proposed Solution

1. Expand the use of Tobacco field as in Patient History/Lifestyle.

Tobacco Use: O Current Quit: [Date] O Never


Do the same for alcohol use, caffeine use, and recreational drug use.

2. Link to Smoking Cessation Health Plan (see Clinical Decision Rule) based on Current status. This allows the patient to sign up for the plan and be included for reporting and additional patient care.

Effected Code, Tables, etc

Owner and Status

Thomas Wong (Intesync)

Status as of 1/30/2010: 100% completed