Patient Reminders Batch and Onscreen Alerts

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Patient Reminders Batch Process

This tool will be used to process Patient Reminders and prepare them for batch processing.

  • The code in interface/patient_file/patient_reminders.php needs to be reviewed to make get the email, SMS and letter printing functions work. This should be feeding interface/batchcom/batch_reminders.php. For the email, looks like need to place some required from email fields as new settings in interface/ ($sender_name, $email_address, etc.). The reminder sql table and data (self-populated whenever a new patient is made) already exist; very self-explanatory if look at the current scripting in interface/batchcom/batch_reminders.php and the patient_reminders sql table.
    • MU: requirements: Ensoftek
    • Options on SMS, and voice dialing through the add-on service (MAVIQ) which is a MI2 proprietary service: (MI2 owner, lower priority)

Files of interest:


Batch Mode Functional Requirements

  • User should be able to run this report and produce reminders in various formats depending on the patients_data "choices".

Batch Mode Screen Shots


Patient Reminders Pop-Up Alerts

A method for reminders to show up as alerts targeted to a specific user group, such as front desk or the provider.

Functional Requirement

Screen Mockups