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Patient Reminder Alert Manager

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This tool will be used to turn off/on reminder alerts for each rule for a specific patient. It overrides the system wide settings from CDR Activation Manager.

  • Tool will be accessible by selecting an Edit button in summary screen that is called by the View button from the Patient reminders widget.
  • Window that opens from the summary page should be a JQuery Modal (fancybox).
Question: who should have access to this? Admin, Physician or anyone with Demographics write access?

Functional Requirements

  • Use function below (located in library/clinical_rules.php) to collect all the pertinent patient specific rules.
  • Use function below to list all the default practice rules.
  • Display each applicable rule in a row in a table with three radio buttons, position 1 = ON, Position 2 = OFF, Position = 3 Default to Practice Setting
Note: - a check box for ON/OFF and a button to chose 'Default' is a acceptable user interface option as well
  • Save Action
    1. If the user choses the default remove the patient specific entry in the clinical_rules table, if one exists.
    2. If they modified it, update the patient specific entry or add an new one if one does NOT exist in the clinical_rules table.
Note: See the table clinical_rules to see how this will be accomplished. pid table holds the $pid (note 0 is the default practice setting).

Screen Mockup