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Patient Lists

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MU Requirements

Meaningful Use Measures:

Generate at least one report listing patients with a specific condition.

Certification Criteria for EHR:

Enable a user to electronically select, sort, retrieve, and output a list of patients and patients’ clinical information, based on user defined demographic data, medication list, and specific conditions.

From CCHIT: MU.P1.EP.O12

The technology shall have the ability to generate lists of patients by specific condition to use for quality improvement, reduction of disparities, and outreach.

Proposed Solution : Modified as per NIST Standards

As per the NIST standard, Patient List must be capable enough to support simultaneous selection of Problem list/Medications/Lab Orders. To adhere to the NIST standard, the existing screen (Fig: Patient List - Existing) has been modified to the new screen (Fig: Patient List as per NIST Standard)

Patientlist initial.png

Fig: Patient List - Existing

Patientlist modified.png

Fig: Patient List as per NIST Standard

Proposed Solution

1. Modify the search feature in Clients section by adding age range, gender, and ethnicity filters.


2. Create the following display table for each search criterion.



Effected Code, Tables, etc

Input fields: condition (disease, smoking, alcohol, narcotics, lab result), date range, age range, sex, ethnicity


The following tables will be used but no change will be made to them:

codes, documents, prescriptions, immunizations, patient_data, procedure_order, procedure_result, history_data

Owner and Status

Design - Thomas Wong (Intesync) and Tony McCormick (MI2)