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Patient Electronic Copy of Health Information

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MU Requirements

Meaningful Use Measures:

At least 80% of all patients who request an electronic copy of their health information are provided it within 48 hours.

Certification Criteria for EHR:

Enable a user to create an electronic copy of a patient’s clinical information, including, at a minimum, diagnostic test results, problem list, medication list, medication allergy list, immunizations, and procedures in: 1) human readable format; and 2) accordance with the standards% specified in Table 2A row 1 to provide to a patient on electronic media, or through some other electronic means.

NIST Test: Tester shall verify that the patient accessed their clinical information and that the data were displayed or printed, including

  1. lab test results
  2. problem list
  3. medication list
  4. medication allergy list

Proposed Solution

Option 1: Work with Google Health to provide a patient portal access to health information.

YouTube Overview of Google Health:
Short clip giving a visual walkthrough of Google Health 

2. Data Providers Overview:
Gives a general outline of the process and what we are looking for. 

3. Getting Started Guide:
This gives the technical details so please make sure to follow this carefully. Use the left navigation for other technical documents.

API Agreement:
This is required for integration and list your domains to be registered here as well.

5. Google Health Developers Group:
This group is monitored by members of the Google Health Team. Please defer technical questions here.

6. Application:
Use this as a checklist for the integration requirements. Once everything is complete and you are ready to go live, please submit this form.

Option 2: Provide a downloadable CCR Medical Record that can be placed and viewed on patients media.

Effected Code, Tables, etc

Owner and Status

Design: Thomas Wong (Intesync) and Tony McCormick (MI2)