Linux Upgrade 6.0.0 to 6.1.0

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  1. Move current 6.0 openemr web server directory to a backup directory openemr_bk
  2. Unpackage OpenEMR 6.1.0 into web server directory and rename the directory to openemr
  3. Copy the old OpenEMR 6.0 documents directory (openemr_bk/sites/default/documents) to the new OpenEMR 6.1 at openemr/sites/default/documents
  4. Copy the old OpenEMR 6.0 database connection config file (openemr_bk/sites/default/sqlconf.php) to the new OpenEMR 6.1 at openemr/sites/default/
  5. In the openemr/sites/default/sqlconf.php file, set the $config variable (found near bottom of file within bunch of slashes) to 1 ($config = 1;)
  6. Open openemr/sql_upgrade.php (http://localhost/openemr/sql_upgrade.php) in web browser, choose 6.0.0 and click 'Upgrade Database'. If you're using multi-sites, see OpenEMR Multiple Sites Module.
  7. Configure optional settings in openemr/sites/default/config.php files

Download and install most recent patch

After finishing this upgrade to OpenEMR version 6.1.0, it is recommended that you check if there are any patches to apply. If so, install the most recent patch for version 6.1.0. Instruction to do this can be found on the OpenEMR Patches page.

Using OpenEMR

See the OpenEMR 6.1.0 User Guide

Securing OpenEMR

See the Securing OpenEMR Guide