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Linux Upgrade 3.0.1 to 3.1.0

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  1. Move current(3.0.1) /openemr directory to a backup directory
  2. Unpackage 3.1.0 openemr into web directory and rename the directory to openemr
  3. Edit openemr/interface/globals.php (set $webserver_root and $web_root to be same as old version)
  4. Copy following directories from old 3.0.1 version to /openemr directory:
  5. Record the openemr/library/sqlconf.php file variables from your old 3.0.1 version, and type these into the openemr/library/sqlconf.php file in new openemr version
  6. In the openemr/library/sqlconf.php file, set the $config variable (found near bottom of file within bunch of slashes) to 1 ($config = 1;).
  7. Open openemr/sql_upgrade.php (http://localhost/openemr/sql_upgrade.php) in web browser, choose 3.0.1 and click 'Upgrade Database'
  8. Open openemr/acl_upgrade.php (http://localhost/openemr/acl_upgrade.php) in web browser
  9. Configure optional settings in interface/globals.php and includes/config.php files