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Juggernaut Systems Express

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Juggernaut Systems Express (US Based company)

 also know as 

Open Med Practice

We do secure hosting via AWS incorporating AWS' Cloudflare. We have a certified AWS engineer.

"Passing an audit by Humana Insurance was a breeze with the CMS Note that JSE built for us"

In conjunction with Dr. Phillip J Haggarty, we have developed a suite of tools and reports for

OpenEMR that can assist an anesthesiologist more profitably run a practice. Features add:

  • Automated morphine calculator
  • Patient Morphine Usage Reports

In conjunction with John Jarad of Mindful Transitions GA,

we have developed a suite of tools that are tailored to behavioral health.

Features added:

  • Admin time management for employees
  • Semi-automatic
  • Integration

Slogan: Integrating form and function in seamless harmony


  • We have completed a full integration of WENO's eRx. The system will be submitted for code review by March 4th.
  • The sign up for eRx service is at
  • The system right now does not allow Controlled substances but once we get past the initial rollout. That will be our next step to provide that service for those that live in a state that allows such.
  • Cost $0


  • We have completed phase one of the integration of Weno eRx service into the code base.

We are now looking for beta testers. The Weno eRx feature is well integrated and the service is free to use. There is never a charge. No upfront costs to get started.

We work with the concierge medical community as well to tailor OpenEMR to the needs of successful practices.

We have a proven track record of delivering with no up-selling.

All coders are in the US.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • AWS Hosting
  • Patch Management
  • Upgrade Code and Web Engine
  • Database CLI/SQL Backup
  • On call "fix this" and "how do we"
  • Training
  • Form Builder
  • Custom Module/Feature Build
  • Custom Report Build

Contributed Features

  • Weno eRx Feature
  • Drug - Drug Interaction Checker
  • SOAP Note Populate with previous note
  • Encounter Point of Service Feature
  • Lab Requisition Form
  • Prior Authorization Advanced Form
  • Random Drug Screening - Co-Author
  • Patient Portal Invoice Summary
  • Many Bug fixes