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Initial CCHIT Functionality Testing

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I propose that volunteers among the user community review the criteria and use this wiki page to post their opinions regarding conformity to each of the published criteria. I suggest that contributors post and initial brief comments in appropriate sections. Once the information is collected, we can post a narrative conclusive summary.

AM 01.01 OK -- records patient demographics rpl

AM 01.02 OK -- patients can be searched by name, phone number, ID, Social Security number or date of birth rpl

AM 01.03 OK -- patients can be assigned more than one ID rpl

AM 01.04 OK -- allows a patient to be assigned to a principal attending provider rpl

AM 01.05 OK -- allows all current problems to be displayed on screen rpl

AM 02.01 OK -- demographic information can be included in reports rpl

AM 02.02 OK -- allows recording of patient contact information -- phone numbers, prior names, email address etc rpl

AM 02.03 ?? -- requirement starting 2010 -- maintain at least two names (aliases) for each patient -- I do not see this explicitly in the program, but a work around is to use the External ID field as an alias. It could be relabled as an alias rpl

AM 02.04 OK -- demographic information can be modified rpl

AM 02.05 OK -- demographic information can be extracted from MySQL database tables rpl

FN 01.01 OK -- demographic information is accessible for clinical purposes rpl

FN 01.02 OK -- demographic information is captured and maintained as part of the clinical record rpl

FN 02.01 OK -- patients can be queried by more than one identifier rpl

FN 03.01 OK -- provider is associated with clinical note rpl

FN 03.02 OK -- assigned attending provider maintained in demographic tables rpl

AM 03.01 OK -- maintains problem lists rpl

AM 03.02 OK -- system maintains history of problems rpl

AM 03.03 OK -- records onset date of problem rpl

AM 03.04 OK -- records resolution date of problem rpl

AM 03.05 OK -- chronicity of a problem can be recorded rpl

AM 03.06 ?? -- program identifies provider who updates problem list. However, dates displayed are beginning and ending dates chosen by provider and not the actual date of the entry. A work around could be to force either beginning or ending date (or both?) to be the entry date. Alternatively, another field may be needed. I do not see detailed message in log files. rpl

AM 03.07 ?? -- medications can be associated with one or more diagnoses; encounter note can be associated with diagnosis code; I relabeled Dental Issues tab as Treatments. When that is done, such Treatments can be associated with diagnoses rpl

AM 03.08 ?? -- as above -- diagnoses can be entered and maintained in ICD-9 form rpl

AM 03.09 OK -- ICD-9 codes can be associated with problems/diagnoses in list rpl

AM 03.10 OK -- inactive problems can be displayed rpl

AM 03.11 OK -- active problems are displayed on main display; historical problems can also be seen by clicking for detail rpl

etc. -- Please help out. The list is long. Ronald Leemhuis MD