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Family health history (MU2)

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MU Requirements


Taken from ONC Final Rule:File:2014 Edition Cert Federal Register.pdf
(13) Family health history. Enable a user to electronically record, change, and access a patient’s
family health history according to:
(i) At a minimum, the version of the standard specified in § 170.207(a)(3); or
(ii) The standard specified in § 170.207(j).

Per ONC/NIST Final Test Methods

See here:


Analyzing - --Neena Kumar 02:43, 7 December 2013 (UTC)
  • Columbia HIT Certification Class


The Columbia University HIT Certification class Team 2 analyzed - Family Health History MU2
Feedback on above Team 2 proposal:
  • For example, if do this, then would note that need a structured item for a sibling, parent and child etc.
Brady's thoughts (still haven't researched enough, so just a preliminary proposal):
  • SNOMED CT and the US extension can already be installed in OpenEMR
  • Will likely need to add another toggle in code_types table for "Family History"
  • Will likely then place a widget/structure in library/ that will support this (and will use the codes searching to use the SNOMED diagnostic codes, which will use the "Family History" toggle from above to produce the correct code search popup window)
  • And will then likely add the above widget/structure into the History layout
Ramesh and Tony's thoughts - Review the gap analysis and execute above proposal