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Engage Patients And Families

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Engage Patients and Families (2011 Objectives)

1. Provide patients with an electronic copy of their health information (including lab results, problem list, medication lists, allergies) upon request. This feature is currently available in Medical Record->Report. Only the lab results need to be included and the interface needs to be fine tuned.

2. Provide patients with timely electronic access to their health information (including lab results, problem list, medication lists, allergies) upon request. Currently we do not have the provision for the patients to access their records. We need to create some new sets of acls with the read only access to the records. Read only logic needs to be implemented where ever required. Adding Read-Only Access

Creating a new ACL class of “Patient” that gives read only access to the individual patients record. It would be very nice to give limited “write” access so that the patient can start a new encounter and enter a chief complaint. This way the patient can login from the lobby. The chief complaint needs to go as an “Alert” to a medical assistant “clinician” ACL to alert the clinical staff that the patient is in the lobby and is ready to be seen.

One of the serious limitations of the US HIPAA law is the inability to ask patients why they came to the doctor. I would like to prevent inadvertently letting a patient with a life threatening chief complaint to sit in the lobby.

3. Provide clinical summaries for patients for each encounter. A new interface can be created for this. It should display the list of the encounters, issues, medications and prescriptions based on the time window. It should also have the print capability.

The current report has a few legacy issues in that it always includes the Demographics and Billing by Default. It includes the problem list including everything that has been discontinued. If having this Demographics and Billing is necessary this report should call a class that is available from more than one section of the software. In the billing section including the Demographics and Billing is good. However to send a patient a copy of todays visit I should be able to print a single button that basically collates all this information for me without my having to go through so many steps to clean up the data. This requires changes to the Report section.

4. Provide access to patient specific education resources Unclear what this means, exactly. --Tony - 21:43, 19 November 2009 (UTC)

And of course the federal government defines meaningful use as we need to report to them how good a job we are doing:

2011 Measures

% patients with access to personal health information electronically
% patients with access to patient specific education resources
% of encounters for which clinical summaries were provided