CQMs – record and export (MU3)

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Clinical Quality Measures 2015 Edition Health IT Certification

C1 (record and export)

  • Once a user has input or imported data that they would like to export, they will go to Modules-> Carecoordination

Step 1: Go to Modules -> Carecoordination

  • Then they tick the checkbox of the person they would like to export and click the SEND TO button.

Step 2: Choose person and click SEND TO button

  • Then they click the Download radio button, and then click the QRDA I radio button and finally select All Measures one per Patient or Patient with all Measures or select an individual meaure or a combination of measures by clicking additional measures while holding the Ctrl key. Finally they click the SEND button which downloads the file to their device.

Step 3: Download QRDA I individual measure


For a very good explanation of eCQMs and much of the terminology surrounding them the following document from CMS was a valuable read: https://www.cms.gov/files/document/blueprint-ecqm-specifications-testing-standards-tools-community.pdf (Accessed on March 23, 2022).

Found the implementation and requirements guide here: https://ecqi.healthit.gov/sites/default/files/2022-CMS-QRDA-III-Eligible-Clinicians-and-EP-IG-V1.1-508.pdf