Building the Sample NationNotes Form

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Part 2, Building the Sample NationNotes LBV Form

Create the LBV Form

  • Creating this rather complex NationNotes form requires 46 small, repetitious, easy steps.
  • Needless to say, all these activities must be performed logged in an OpenEMR account that has Administrator privileges.

1. Create new LBV form "DetoxAdmit" See Sample Layout Based Visit Form for detailed steps to create a regular LBV form.

2. Click "Add Group" button, Group Name: "NNDemo"


3. Make this first field a NationNotes field:

Label: "Nsg Admit Note"
Data Type: select NationNotes
Size: 10; Max Size: 0
List: select any of them; it will be changed later.
Label Cols: 1 Data Cols: 6
Description: enter a suitable tool tip.
(Save New Group, Save Changes.)

4. Open a new encounter with any patient.

5. In left Navigation Bar click 'Patient/Client'/ Visit Forms (or click "Layout Based" tab in Encounter Summary frame) 6. Click on "DetoxAdmit" to display the new single- field form in the bottom frame.

7. Click in the NationNotes field to activate the WYSIWYG editor


Create Contexts For All NN Fields

8. Click "Personalize" button

10. Click "Add Context" button to display "Add Context" panel containing all defined contexts

11. Click "Add" button to display small "Add Context" panel

12. Enter "Nsg Admit Note" into text area

13. Click "Save" button to re-display first "Add Context" panel


14. Repeat steps 11, 12, 13 to add context "Prov Admit Note"

15. Clk on black X to close "Add Context" panel

  • It may be necessary to close the panel by clicking some area away from the Add Context panel.

16. Click "Save" button on "Available Categories" panel and click black X to close.

17. Click black X to close the WYSIWYG editor

18. Start an encounter with any patient

19. Open the LBV Form "DetoxAdmit"

20. In left Navigation menu, select Administration/ Layouts

21. Edit Layout: select "DetoxAdmit" form

  • The 'Lists' dropdown now has both the default SOAP Contexts and the two new Contexts.

(may also use left navigation bar to open Visit Form "DetoxAdmit")

22. Select "Nsg Admit Note" as the List (Context) for this NN field.

23. Click "Save Changes" button to Edit Layout.

24. Re- select "DetoxAdmit" in Visit Forms (or in "Layout Based" in Encounter Summary Frame)

25. Click in the NN field; the WYSIWYG Editor displays with "Nsg Admit Note" heading.

Configure Categories of Each Context

26. Click "Personalize" button

27. In "Select the Context" list box select "Nsg Admit Note"

28. Click "Add Category" button to display list containing all Contexts

29. Select "Nsg Admit Note" again in list of all Contexts

30. Enter into text area, "Admit Interview"

31. Click "Add" button (panel appears: "Successfully added category Admit Interview")


32. Click "OK" to return to WYSIWYG editor.

33. Repeat steps 26 - 32 adding Category, "Psychosocial"

34. Repeat steps 26 - 32 selecting Context, "Prov Admit Note", adding Categories, "Phys Assessment" and "Treatments"

35. In 'Edit Layout' of "DetoxAdmit" form add another NN field to this group using the same parameters as the "Nsg Admit Note" field.

  • Except, of course, give it its own ID, a label of "Prov Admit Note" and select "Prov Admit Note" Context from the Lists list.


36. Save New Field, Save Changes, reselect 'DetoxAdmit' from Visit Forms.

Create the Components for each Category

37. Click 'Nsg Admit' NN field to activate the WYSIWYG editor for that field.

38. Click 'Select Category' and select 'Admit Interview' to reveal link beneath the "Components" heading, "Click to add new Component"

39. Click the link to reveal a small text area with 'Save' and 'Cancel' buttons.

40. Enter the Component text of the 'Nursing Note' Category (see Data Structure Plan, Part 1)


41. Click 'Save' Button

42. Repeat steps 38 - 41 for each Component of the 'Admit Interview' Category

43. Click "Select Category" and select 'Psychosocial'

44. Repeat steps 38 - 40 for each Component of the 'Psychosocial' Category

  • The completed "Admit Interview" Category should look like this:


  • Pay no attention to the "Patient Details" heading beneath the Components. That will be addressed in the section, "Using the Sample NationNotes LBV Form"

45. Repeat steps 37 - 41 using the 'Prov Admit' NN field and the Components defined for Categories, "Phys Assessment" and "Treatments"

46. To re-order the Components use Drag and Drop. To prevent the Component from appearing in the WYSIWYG editor, stay within the non-text area (background). Dragdrp6.png

47. Click all "Save" buttons and exit the WYSIWYG editor and the LBV form.

This Sample NationNotes LBV Form is complete and may be used in an encounter. At this point, the creator of this NN form is the only one who can use it. See Part 3 for instructions how to share a Template with other users.

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