Basic Billing Setup and Configuration

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The following directions assume you have read and completed one of the OpenEMR Installation Guides, and either installed from CVS HEAD, or have upgraded to CVS HEAD.

Facility Configuration

OpenEMR by default comes with only one facility configured, a clinic named 'Your Clinic Name Here'.

Provider Configuration

Setting up your Visit Categories

The top dropdown on the 'New Encounter' form is a basic scheduling category for the visit. by default, OpenEMR has three visit categories that are selectable here: 'New Patient', 'Established Patient', and 'Reserved'.

To add a category:

  • Login to your OpenEMR instance with your account, which has administrative priviledges (admin, by default).
  • Click on 'Administration->Other->Calendar'. this will open a page in the upper right pane for administrating the calendar system.
  • Click on 'Categories'. This will open up a page for managing the categories available in the calendar, and the new encounter page.

Adding your Billing Codes

In a justified billing system, services rendered and issues diagnosed are both billing codes, that you link together in order to "justify" a service. We're going to show you how to add one billing code for a diagnosed issue, and another billing code for the service you provide.

To import billing codes:

To add a billing code:

  • Login to OpenEMR as 'administrator'

Adding a Diagnostic Code

Adding a Procedure Code