Application access – patient selection (MU3))

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Regulation Text
§ 170.315 (g)(7) Application access – patient selection—

The following technical outcome and conditions must be met through the demonstration of an application programming interface (API).

    (i) Functional requirement. The technology must be able to receive a request with sufficient information to uniquely identify a patient and return an ID or other token that can be used by an application to subsequently execute requests for that patient's data.
    (ii) Documentation—
        (A) The API must include accompanying documentation that contains, at a minimum:
            (1) API syntax, function names, required and optional parameters and their data types, return variables and their types/structures, exceptions and exception handling methods and their returns.
            (2) The software components and configurations that would be necessary for an application to implement in order to be able to successfully interact with the API and process its response(s).
            (3) Terms of use. The terms of use for the API must be provided, including, at a minimum, any associated developer policies and required developer agreements.
        (B) The documentation used to meet paragraph (g)(7)(ii)(A) of this section must be available via a publicly accessible hyperlink.