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OpenEMR Global Settings


  • Odds and ends such as storage locations, certain common default settings

Graphics and a few new descriptions were addded to update the materials for this 4.2.0 UG.
Almost all the text in these pages was provided by Brady Miller.

Path to MySQL Binaries

Path to Perl Binaries

Path to Temporary Files

Path for Event Log

State Data Type

State list

  • List in Administration -> Lists from which to obtain state names

State List Widget Custom Fields

Country Data Type

Country list

    • List in Administration -> Lists from which to obtain country names

Print Command

Default Reason for Visit

Default Encounter Form ID

Patient ID Category Name

Patient Photo Category Name

Medicare Referrer Is Renderer

Financial Close Date (yyyy-mm-dd)

Enable Hylafax Support

Hylafax Server

Hylafax Directory

Hylafax Enscript Command

Enable Scanner Support

Scanner Directory

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