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OpenEMR Global Settings


  • Authorizations and options for Electronic Data Interchange accounts

Graphics and a few new descriptions were addded to update the materials for this 4.2.0 UG.
Almost all the text in these pages was provided by Brady Miller.

Enable Lab Exchange

  • Setting to turn on/off the Lab Exchange module. As of 09/19/2011, the way to sign up for this module was described as:
  • "The Lab Results does not require an interface to an outside lab, that just makes it easier to "incorporate' results. Medical Information Integration, LLC results interface is to LabCorp. The cost to support Results-Only LEN is $25/m per facility. However, you have to be approved by LabCorp before they will allow it. We are working a Orders+Results interface with LabCorp and Quest right now ($50/m) and we have a Results interface with Soltas Labs. All of those require the Lab itself to approve access. Nothing I can do about that, the labs have complete control."
  • This was taken from the following sourceforge forum thread (post #15):

Lab Exchange Site ID

  • Setting that is specific to the Lab Exchange module.

Lab Exchange Token ID

  • Setting that is specific to the Lab Exchange module.

Lab Exchange Site Address

  • Setting that is specific to the Lab Exchange module.

Enable NewCrop eRx Service

NewCrop eRx Site Address

NewCrop eRx Web Service Address

NewCrop eRx Partner Name

NewCrop eRx Name

NewCrop eRx Password

Only upload active prescriptions

Enable import status message for NewCrop erx

Do not display Medications uploaded to NewCrop

Do not display Allergy uploaded to NewCrop

Default Patient Country

Enable phiMail Direct Messaging Service

phiMail Server Address

phiMail Username

phiMail Password

phiMail notification user

phiMail Message Check Interval (minutes)

phiMail Allow CCD Send

phiMail Allow CCR Send

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