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Date Added Issue/Question From Status Note
12/07/09 How much Interop (HIE) should we include in this prj JohnW Resolved Anything that can easily be included, low risk, in a module that is targeted for a SPRINT. Team decision at the time.
12/07/09 Location of Advanced Directive needs to be promonant SamB Resolved John Wong will propose as solution
12/07/09 John Wong needs SVN access TonyM Resolved Jeremy will provide
12/07/09 Jeremy having difficulty getting Surescripts online JeremyW Resolved Sprint target effected, modified to contact only deliverable
12/07/09 Should we test under Windows Selvi Resolved Yes, but not as a gate on Sprint 1 deliverables
12/14/09 Selvi getting some error copying the trunk into the branch Selvi Resolved Jeremy will check
12/14/09 BPPC Policies, mismatch on need and request Konda Resolved Konda will provide
12/14/09 Lab interface must be HL7 Dianne Resolved decided
12/14/09 Should focus on the HL7 requirements – only TonyM Resolved basic lab interface to meet meaningful use
12/14/09 Medication and Drug Decision support may need to be tied, e-prescribing requires a drug list. RxNorm or commercial product. NDC codes contained (Diane) Nathan Open This is related to supporting Meds and Allergies as well. NLM code base could be provided are supported for the free market
12/14/09 Jude Pierre Labcorp interface is still out there SamB None Should we proceed with Intesync?
12/21/09 Create a Review Only catg in SF Tracker for patches Brady Resolved Tony will do that
12/21/09 Concurrent access to records (they are not locked now) Rod Resolved Common logic needed for Add, Update, Get etc.
12/21/09 Vetting against the SVN tip checked against Rod Resolved Give Brady access to SVN
12/21/09 Visolve needs input re Data Integ from SF community Selvi None developers need to respond
12/28/09 Nearly no code or artifacts checked in TonyM Resolved
12/28/09 QA test will be against the tip of the SVN source GSHS Resolved
12/28/09 Need Docs on WebService Doc of PDQ,e tc JohnW Resolved Dennis with Misys
12/28/09 Audit questions re HIE, user id required JohnW Resolved See wiki and discuss
12/28/09 No new items added from Backlog for Sprint 3 TonyM None
01/04/10 Access to SureScripts has been poor Nathan resolved put off until April, pending, waiting on beneficiary and formulary
01/04/10 Percentage of completion by project SamB resolved Visolve nearing 100%
01/04/10 No code from PhyAura as yet SamB None
01/11/10 Timely time tracking and estimates needed TonyM resolved getting much better
01/11/10 Used stored procedures for the de-identification. Hope this is a acceptable solution Selvi ongoing still researching, go ahead and check it in to refine in
01/18/10 Changes to MU required list, what drops/adds TonyM resolved numerical changes as well
01/18/10 OpenATNA server – MISYS Connect Toby resolved OpenHealth Tools, many issues via visolve, test site
01/18/10 CDA module JohnW resolved meeting with CDA/CCR issue group meeting in progress
01/25/10 E-Claims: Posted need 3rd party verification need (CAQHC) Paul resolved see wiki
01/25/10 Trunk vs Tip delivery model TonyM resolved publish model and sync tip
02/15/10 Security QA issues paulF Resolved emergency access procedure? Not complete yet, how will alerts be handled without email...
02/22/10 DB Schema re CCR JohnW resolved CCR allergies, type codes, no discrete field need to add
03/01/10 Roles/Default in OpenEMR JohnW resolved See Gacl setup, do we need additional roles, perhaps, HIE access is controlled by the HIE
03/01/10 Mary Alice – can she assist in the SureScripts?
resolved Not really
03/01/10 ATNA embedded -vs- external server JohnW Resolved Can be configure for either
03/01/10 Privacy Policies for Ambulatories MiSYS (Konda) JohnW None
04/12/10 Use of CVS and SVN TonyM resolved send CVS tip to Mike
04/12/10 BPPC – research some more JohnW resolved
04/19/10 XUL/SAML conference call needed between Visolve/Garden JohnW resolved
04/19/10 NIST validator may be of help JohnW resolved John will email a link
04/19/10 CDA validation may need to be required JohnW resolved Need a new patient report front end
04/19/10 Put up site for e-pres and drug formulary SamB resolved
04/19/10 Google Health interface, need some help from board members johnW Resolved John will be talking to a previous interface developer
04/19/10 X12 Version 5010 Transaction Standards TonyM future
04/19/10 ICD-10 Support TonyM future
04/19/10 What about biometrics in e-pres? Is it required yet? SamB defer
04/26/10 Garden needs a sample lab test report JohnW Resolved
04/26/10 Status of QA of security, resources Selvi Resolved Garden Paul Freeland gone, need resource, certificates, in use and passwords.
04/26/10 SAML – needs to be a third party service TonyM future May postpone until 2013 …
05/17/10 MU 22 – design requirement – Reporting TonyM vague Do the reports require HIPAA de-identification or similar?, qtrly or annual, no good def of content – what's the denominator
05/17/10 When will they add the newest certification body? JohnW Resolved new cert process, certify the certifier.... 6-9 months ---CCHIT is still it for now
05/17/10 MU 22 – design requirement – merge/diff to meds lists TonyM future What is this for and is it really needed, manual process to review them by hand from a printed list
05/24/10 Lab Exchange – testing need more guidance Selvi resolved
05/24/10 Discussions with Weno, still holding for a bit JohnW closed
06/14/10 Lexicomp connection to DB is it URL SamB Resolved the connection will requires some fee for connection
06/14/10 E-pres connection to DB is it URL SamB Resolved the connection will requires some fee for connection
06/14/10 Do we need to implement an alternative to come up before SureScript? New Corp, Dr First SamB Resolved RxNow, then subsequently Phyaura offers $50/dr and $25.00/mon as a option
06/14/10 What or how does the procedure entry fit into the CPOE now? TonyM Resolved Got Demo at OSCON, I get it now. Sara was watching so documentation is also possible
06/21/10 Goggle is being hauled into court over privacy issues SamB Resolved several options are good...
06/21/10 access to the Lexi-Comp database Selvi Resolved
06/21/10 The documents section could use a serious re-vamp SamB
Jeremy has a plan …
06/21/10 Garden State needs assistance with completing the UI portions of their interoperability pieces. #18, 19, 20, 21, 23. JohnW in progress need a specific requirements doc – John will do this
06/28/10 SMTP – are there any security options built in JohnW Resolved
06/28/10 Need to confirm code types are all available JohnW in progress RxNorm, LOINC,ICD9/10, CPTV, CDC/CVS for Immunizations, Route Admin/NCI concept code C38114/HL7)
07/12/10 CCHIT should be named ONC Thomas Resolved Done
07/12/10 Patient Portal still needs some alternative options SamB Resolved Tony will update wiki
07/12/10 ONC will soon release HIPAA rules for PHRs JohnW Resolved They did
07/12/10 Patches are needed for Selvi to merge Drug/Drug + E-Prescribing Selvi Resolved Sam will provide Patch
07/12/10 Dr Brody needs access to servers at Sam's Brody
still waiting on access
07/12/10 Status of LabCorp interface SamB Resolved Messages are now flowing
07/26/10 Add feature to manually download labs … SamB Resolved missing requirement, will be added by Jeremy
07/26/10 CPOE portion, lab – load the most common lab data sets for the basic metabolic panel SamB waiting... Sam has been burried This is pretty complex on how to maximize the cross referencing by different labs, Sam's office mgr is working
07/26/10 Need to start using Project Laika to test version of EMR SamB Resolved visolve has it installed, verbus will be ready by week end
07/26/10 Which CMS reports should we use PQRI 2009 or 2010? Thomas Resolved 44 is the answer, 432 hrs of work expected: Selvi: need to consider 3 (or 6?) core and 3 basic for the individual provider: Thomas \EHR vendors need to do all 44.
07/26/10 Dropped Some items and some others changed, need to updated Brody Resolved Need to update the page.
08/02/10 Testing Procedures link, needs review TonyM
<A HREF=""></A>
08/02/10 CCR/CCD needs based on size/type of practice SamB in Progr Garden had a new spec for CCD level 3, will post the spec on wiki for feedback – backing off on level three – need review of CCD requirements
08/02/10 Provider needs to meet 15 core objectives, what's the minimum vendor requirement Thomas Resolved some are required, some are optional the list is bigger for Vendors
08/16/10 CCR/CCD DB support (discrete data requirements) JohnW Resolved need review this list
08/16/10 CQM – database schema updates needed JohnW Resolved in development, Thomas will post on wiki
08/16/10 What is a RDF File? TonyM Resolved Used to normalize the database for data interchange and the rule set required by field
08/16/10 Page 77 of Final says paper OK on 2011 TonyM Resolved There is disagreement here on what is required
08/16/10 Codes will need to be preloaded (SNOMED, etc) TonyM
Are all the code sets free, how can they be gotten
08/16/10 Google Health interface – needs a volunteer developer JohnW Resolved dependency on CCR CCD
08/16/10 CPOE – standalone module or some other why SamB In progr Tony and Sam will try and do a proof case on using Procedure to become Physician Orders
08/16/10 How many labs do we need to be certified with to pass MU cert JudeP Reported results tracking required, but e-lab not necessarily
08/23/10 What is the effort on CQM? TonyM Resolved All of it
08/23/10 Should we use the HQMF format or code directly JohnW Reported Mbrody will review and provide some opinion, direct coding is all that's needed
08/30/10 Clinic Decision Rules, hung up by Brady JohnW
Thomas says he thinks its fine and new patches have been submitted, some bug fixed. 8/29 submit, OpenCDS suggested
08/30/10 MMF would like to work on some kind of Portal Adi/MMF
Will look at google health and see
08/30/10 How many NHIN Direct transactions are “CPOE” ? JohnW Deferred not needed for 2011
09/14/10 NIST Testing: Med Allergies Visolve Reported No Option to enter Reactions
09/14/10 NIST Testing: Problems Visolve Reported No Status Displayed, in table but not available to Problems
09/14/10 Some more testing is needed on security issues SamB in progress Sam will do some testing live in his clinic
09/14/10 Clinic Decision Rules and Patient Reminders now owned by Brady. Thomas
Sam wants to bring it up to test in house. Back-end servers being configured (dependents for Brady) – Need to get a lock on this
09/14/10 MU #22 display of two lists can be done with no chgs TonyM Resolved Update Wiki
09/14/10 Create a wiki page for all NIST Tests results
09/14/10 What is the HL7 msg format for Lab results (in/out) JohnW
Selvi will check
09/14/10 Patient reminders backend → what is up with the interface to the exchange server, email and voice
in progr
09/14/10 Will the ONC Approvers drive the or watch the test run? And how will that effect the costs? TonyM

09/20/10 No new issues TonyM

09/27/10 What is the HL7 msg format for Radiology results (in/out) JohnW

09/27/10 referrals are HITSP C48? XML JohnW

09/27/10 No updates from Phyaura or MMF on E-Pres status TonyM Resolved
Ready for NIST Testing
10/11/2010 New Items 26/27 added Selvi New Patn Educ (generic NLMS or Medline Plus) and Auto Measure Calc, as per CMS Final Rule and NIST Testing standards
11/15/2010 Relay Health JohnW new may require that they are the only e-pres sol installed...
11/08/2010 CPOE Setup is Beyond Tonys Skill Set Tony Resolve Sam did a lot of work
11/22/2010 EMRTS pulling out of DB development JohnW Closed Fei may continue to contribute